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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Reminiscing, in two ways

Thinking about Marcus is not always necessarily painful; there is also lots of gratitude for the experiences we had together. Today is that day he and I got together six years ago: Marcus, then a 25-year-old, and I going on my 22nd birthday. That time goes by is the cliché (and reality) that sometimes feels the hardest to accept. Time takes away some things away, not just pain. It also seems to want to snatch something vague but real that I still dearly want to hold on to: memories, feelings and sensations that I cling on to for a sense of nearness. I am too afraid that time might make them vaguer and paler and I hope so very much that it would not.

As I look back into this past month of mom and dad's visit so far, I think I'll let the voice from the earlier years speak to you about the places we had been, and things we have seen. As I go through time, I realize that I don't go through it unchanged. But I wish to bear with me some things that will remain a part of me.

Vrinnevi forest

Vrinnevi Forest Nature Reserve (bike tour week 43)” (October 30, 2006)

Bread and biking” (March 18, 2007)

Vrinnevi forest” (April 20, 2008)

Miscellaneous tales and pictures from Vrinnevi” (April 14, 2010)

Snedskär and the archipelago

All for the love of Juanita" (May 2, 2007)

"Midsummer" (in Multiply, June 23, 2007)

Swedish summer” (July 22, 2007)

The industrial landscape and Strömmen

The Norrköping Times” (May 19, 2006)

more pictures of Norrköping” (May 23, 2006)

Norrköping Summer 2006” and "Winter 2006-07" (on Multiply, March 31, 2007)

Even places tell stories” (May 5, 2007)

The city hall tower at Kulturnatten

Up the brick tower we go” (October 8, 2007)

Autumn and mushrooms

Autumn market and mushrooms” (September 20, 2008)

Life as a hunter-gatherer must be hard” (September 18, 2010)

Copenhagen and Wienerbröd

Food journal number 24: Danish, err, Wienerbröd(August 13, 2007)

Denmark: there and back again” (September 11, 2007)

Göta canal and the coast

Inter-city biking (on week 42)” (October 21, 2006)

Car trip to the archipelago” (on Multiply, June 13, 2007)

The days are warm and the nights are clear” (July 29, 2008)

Butterfly effect” (August 22, 2009)


Marmorstigen” (on Multiply, April 4, 2007)

Thursday road trip with friends” (July 25, 2011)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful places. Beautiful memories.

HUGS for my JoyG!

11:27 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like all these pictures! And the stories behind them. Keep sharing these stories, Joy. You make him come alive for us in the telling. Stora kramar.

6:29 AM

Anonymous sapphire said...

Dearest Joy,

For some reason, I lost your blog amongst my web mess...

And I am so very sorry to have not read the past few months.

I lost my mom a couple weeks before you lost Marcus. In so many ways, I understand your feelings.

I've started crying again after catching up with your blog, but please email me... I so don't know what to say. ..

4:03 PM


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