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Thursday, June 23, 2011

A weekend in early June

Cat-Joy and Cat-Marcus. "Purrr! Feed us!"

It's two days to midsummer and the weather is gray and cold, with hardly any summery days this week. I long back to the sunshine days of early June when we tented out in M&M's countryside yard. On days like that, I remember mom and dad's visit here last year and wish they were here. It was about at that time of the year that we were hiking up in the mountains of Kolmården and Vrinnevi forest.

Well, there's been no hiking yet this year, but just backyard camping. We had done this a couple of times before, and though it's not the outdoors for real, it certainly does make for a refreshing siesta.

...Plus, you get room service with complementary G&T :-)

Upon waking up, we see a whole family of small deer across the field. Cat-Marcus decides to stalk 'em!

The deer were at the edge of the forest hiding in the tall grass, so unfortunately it was too far away for the camera zoom. We also forgot to save the pictures taken from the scope. You've just got to take my word for it that there were deer there and that it wasn't only the G&T!

Come back, sun! I want more days like this!


Anonymous amelia guerrero said...

Hi Joy ,nice camping eh ! Yes ... last year about this time we were forest hiking almost 16 kl. for almost 4 hrs.and we enjoyed it. This time (June 23, 2011) I was stranded in Meyc for 3 days due to 3 days flooding .

6:54 PM

Anonymous amelia guerrero said...

Nice camping site Joy ,yes I remember our last year forest hiking and now (June 23 ,2011 )I was stranded in Meyc. for 3 days due to 3 days flooding .

6:59 PM


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