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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

more pictures of Norrköping

...'eto nga pala yung picture (ng pwet) ni Marcus from the other side of the window in yesterday's picture. Hahaha!

Anyway, here are some more pictures taken yesterday:

This is the stream (or river, whatever) that runs through the city (from the next city, Motala. Thus the name, Motala Ström.) Around it are many ducks of different colors (you can see a representative of the Duck World in the first picture. I have another picture which I call "Attack of the Ducks" which I will post some other time), a wall of trees, and some of the more expensve real estate in the city of Norrköping.

I thought it would make a good photo; it was a cloudy day so I set the colors to "vivid". Now it looks like some tropical river in Asia...

These buildings belong to the university's Norrköping campus. Beside it (but not in the picture) is the city prison... Hmm... what can I say? Any Focault-like insights?

...and then some artsy-fartsy pictures, para naman hindi ganong turista-like

Ito na ang bagong cover ng "Pambungad," PJ. Heheh! Or it's the new Philo-bench, Norrköping chapter.

Norrköping was a working-class town and a factory area in the last century. Some of the old factory architecture still stand, but instead of housing factories, they have become office buildings (like this building here), museums, and (Focault once again) campus buildings.

Wala lang...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, bukas na ang SM Mall Of Asia. Pero ang chismis: dapat daw, noong March pa ito bukas. Pero umalog daw ang lupa...Scary! Patulan mo naman yung tag ko. Hehe.

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