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Thursday, May 26, 2011

365 days

We celebrated our first anniversary in the hospital! Nothing too serious, though. Marcus was a admitted as an inpatient to receive some antibiotic drops following an infection / allergic reaction — something he seems to get a little too often these days. His immune system hasn't recovered yet from the chemotherapy last autumn, so he needs to be rushed to the hospital when he develops a fever. This past quarter, we've been spending about a week a month in the hospital for these treatments — it's not ideal, but its necessary and we make the most we can out of it. I sleep over (we share the small hospital bed too!), we bring our hard disk with movies, and I even work from the hospital when I don't have meetings. It's pretty cozy, actually. And it just all goes back to the motto that you can always still have a good time, whatever life has to offer.

These "antibiotics visits" are also different from other longer hospitalizations because there's a lot of freedom to move. Outside the times that Marcus has to have the drops, we can walk around the forest, take a car out somewhere and take a picnic, or even go malling (making sure it's not rush hour, of course). This time, Marcus even got permission to participate in home guard exercises. Shooting rifles in the morning; inpatient at night!

No, that green uniform is not the hospital gown.

The Friday before our anniversary, we bought some food from home that we were supposed to have in the weekend: paté, cornichons, homemade bread, and wine (no restriction on the alcohol either for Marcus! But we just bought a small bottle anyway). We had a light dinner and had these as an evening snack.

In tune with the whole "hostel" feel of the hospital visit, here's how we chilled the white wine. Heheh! No, hospital rooms here do not usually have their own mini-refrigerators.

And here we are, with our goofy smiles, waiting to eat:

When we got back home, I picked up a package from Kristine at the post office. She probably didn't realize it, but it came right on time for our anniversary, so thanks! Lea also sent us a package about a week and a half before. Thanks too, Lea! You guys are so cute!

Kristine's "care package" contained lots and lots and lots of candy! Whee! Lots of candy names that I haven't even heard of: Mike and Ike, Swedish Fish (to think we live in Sweden!), Jolly Rancher, etc. etc. I just had to pose Marcus with all the goodies.

But what the... wait a minute! Marcus, what do we have here?

What a joker!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Big hugs for the lovely couple!

2:28 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Whee, thanks Camillo! Haven't been blog-surfing lately... Thankfully, it's soon summer break here. Kamsuta?

10:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ayos naman. I spent summer vacation by going to two SMs. HAHAHA! May SM na rin kasi sa amin, mga 5 minutes away. Minsan, magkasama kami ni Rino kasi he's living with his grandma here in Antipolo.

Tapos yesterday, we went on a food trip. Saya!

Sayang nga lang I start working on Monday. Summer's over here.

10:33 AM

Anonymous amelia guerrero said...

your such a lovely and happy couple, I can see it in your smiles. ( is it because of the goodies your dear friend sent you ? hahaha )

2:35 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Hello mommy! We're happy. The candies are a bonus! :-)

5:46 PM

Anonymous Lara said...

Congratulations, Joy and Marcus! :)

4:32 PM

Anonymous Liz said...

Hi Joy - haven't been visiting your blog in quite a while; didn't realise yours and Marcus's wedding anniversary came and went. Congrats from all four of us! You guys have yet to see your "new" nephew, Elias, by the way. I tell stories about you to the kids though....

9:36 PM


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