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Sunday, May 01, 2011

A grill pan fan

We just discovered this food channel on YouTube that we already know will be an all-time favorite. It's called Food Wishes and is linked to a blog with the same name. The guy who runs the sites, Chef John, was a culinary arts teacher and is now a freelance food writer and food blogger. I highly recommend the sites. All the foods seem delicious, and nothing I've watched so far seems overly complicated. On the contrary, Chef John makes cooking look simple and genuinely full of pleasure, and he doesn't pepper his viewers with gourmet jargon that can otherwise turn a home cook off. It's just straightforward, good food, presented in an uncomplicated way.

Well, Chef John indirectly inspired us to go look for a grill pan. Or, rather, his recipe for lamb with minted honey sherry vinaigrette did. You see, we're a bit reluctant to have a charcoal grill in the balcony, but as we really wanted to make this recipe, we had to find a way.

This is the grill pan we ended up buying: an Anders Petter "Grythyttan" cast iron grill pan. By happy coincidence, we found one in new condition at the second hand store for 70 kronor – a new one costs 500 – just when we were looking for a good, solid grill pan! The pan is really heavy, and feels even more solid than our regular cast iron pan.

We followed Chef John's recipe using this video from another source as a reference on how to cook meat on a grill pan (we also used a lid to cover the pan, as they did on the video). The only significant difference was that we used the pan indoors on a regular stove. Of course, we had to open the windows to let out the smoke, but it was really worth it. The result of our indoor grilling tastes and looks like it would with outdoor grilling -- even the smoke taste! Incredible but true!

Here it was! We even grilled the pita bread on the pan!

And here's the video that we followed. The full recipe is on the Food Wishes site.

Today, we used the pan on pork. I also have a project to grill Mediterranean tuna kebabs.

Needless to say, the site and the pan are very inspiring. I'm already looking forward to an (indoor) grilling summer.


Anonymous Lara said...

Hello, Joy! This marinade with pork is a great idea. Jaakko and I aren't really fans of lamb. We will try this soon. How are you and Marcus? Hugs...

1:20 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Hej Lara! Sorry I replied late... pretty hectic lately. The marinade is great! Plus, you don't need so much of it. According to his site, you can experiment with pork and even other sorts of vinaigrette. So definitely, you can check his site out even if you don't like this particular recipe.

Marcus and I are doing fine, enjoying our days and looking forward to the summer. You?

7:24 PM

Anonymous Mc said...

Look good

2:50 PM

Anonymous MC said...


8:15 PM

Blogger La pajara pinta said...

Hi! I'm so glad I found this awesome blog, it gave me some ideas for a special dinner I'm planning :)
Since I'm a newbie for cooking I'd like to ask u something (Sorry for my culinary ignorance :s)
1. What's the swedish name for the pork meat you used(Or lamb) in this recipe? It's quite hard for me to identify those type of meat at the supermarket since I do not speak swedish.
2.Is this dish sort of sweet flavored? Since one of the ingredients is honey.
3. Do you serve it with something else? and What type of drink did you use?

Thank you a lot for your help!!!!

11:14 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Hello and thanks for dropping by. Hmm I don't remember the exact cut of the lamb, but any cut of lamb will probably do with this recipe. Yes, it's kind of sweet but it balances well with the lamb taste I think. Sorry I haven't been checking on the comments on my blog lately. But I will soon be blogging again. Ciao for now

8:15 PM


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