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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Inter-city biking (on week 42)

As we planned, we had another bike tour this weekend. This time, for a different kind of challenge, we biked all the way to the next city of Söderköping south of here. I brought the camera this time, so I have a lot of pictures that I can share. It wasn't as "multi-sport" as the first bike tour though, but we did see a lot of the countryside and parts of Göta canal, the man-made canal that runs all the way across Sweden and right through the two biggest lakes. A note on this canal: it took a a hundred years or so to complete this project, with manpower provided by Russian prisoners and jobless Swedes, some of whom contracted malaria while on the project (!!!). Sweden was then at war with the Danes, so the canal was envisioned as a means of transporting goods within Sweden without having to sail southwards. Anyway, when the Göta canal was finally completed, railways were starting to be in use in the country, making the canal obsolete before it was even used. Falling into unuse for some years, the government realized its potential as a tourist attraction, so it now lures droves of German and English tourists every summer. Makes for an interesting story, and a nice stop-over for two bikers.

Click on the link below for the pictures of this week's bike tour, with some comments to describe them. Please leave any comments in this blog though, if there are any! (P.S. for some reason though the pictures are rotated, they appear horizontal on Fotix. Bad, bad... I'll have to find a way to repair that next time.)


P.S. New link to photos from 2007! The photos of this bike tour are available at this Multiply album.


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