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Friday, May 19, 2006

The Norrköping Times

As you may have guessed, I'm still very unsure of what to write in my (ahem) blog... Still, I guess it's too much of a let-down for you if I announce it, you excitedly go to it, and then... wala naman palang laman! Ugh, now I feel obliged to write something! (ugh ugh).

Anyway, to appease you, here are some pictures of Norrköping, the city in Sweden where I live now. It's spring, and a good time to take pictures.

That's the city hall; ang turista lang ba na kinuhanan ko 'to ng picture?

The city is built around water: it has a bay and a port, and a stream also runs though the city. The bridge up ahead (I mean, far ahead) is what I pass every weekend to get to the train station. From there, it's 25 minutes by commuter train and 15 minutes in a bus to get to the kendo club... And noooo, I don't use that boat to get there!

I find it pretty bizzare that flowers sprout out of the ground from nowhere... Wala lang, trying to be philosophical, hahah.

Another thing that sprouts out of the ground and multiplies in spring: alcoholics. I've been told there's really an alcohol-culture here in Sweden; people's ancestors literally drank themselves dead. As a result, alcohol is really restricted here, and when there are tight restrictions, there also deviants. I don't know where the alcoholics get their money from actually (from the social security system?) A mug of beer at a pub is roughly equivalent to 350 pesos (Val: it gives a new meaning to "getting together over a cheap beer", huh?); and a small bottle of gin is just a little less than 900 pesos. Hmm... Not a place for gin-pomelo nights, Val and Carlo...

... and that's Marcus :-)


Anonymous Lara said...

the alcohol culture seems actually worse in finland. but then i guess, everybody in sweden knows that. :-( sometimes i find myself feeling defensive when i say i married a finn. i often add: "...and no he doesnt drink" :-P

6:59 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Hi Lara! Well, we also know a Finn who absolutely doesn't fit the stereotype of the macho Finnish man with a temperament! :-) Stereotypes are only stereotypes after all. It has some basis on reality too I guess, but looking for the "average" Finn is probably like looking for the "average" Filipino if you know what I mean.

So, you don't have to be defensive until someone brings the drinking up. I mean, your husband doesn't even like milk, that's considered so un-Scandinavian, isn't it? :-)

9:36 AM


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