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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

All for the love of Juanita

We really should be getting back to our "real lives" now instead of tinkering around with boats. It's not our fault -- repairing is addicting, and I now know why it was so hard to call dad to lunch when he was repairing the car or the water pump back in Quezon City. Once you've started, you have this compulsion to get things done once and for all, especially when (unlike academic work) you can see the result of your hard work almost instantly.

... but wait. That doesn't seem to be the case with the boat we're repairing now. For two whole days, we've cleaning and scrubbing every nook and cranny and taking out years-old trash from inside (including an old tissue paper roll that has fused into a single whitish cylinder, and the grossest jar of tomato sauce I've ever seen -- we had to douse the whole compartment with bleach!), and yet the boat still looks like crap!

Okay, I'm exaggerating... I wouldn't want to underrate our own cleaning skills ;-) Nevertheless, there's still a lot of work to be done, and we probably won't be finished with everything until the start of July, since this is not our full-time occupation after all, and "real life" calls us back to school rooms and the computer desk.

The work line-up includes:
- filling up a giant hole on the deck with moulded plastic
- replacing the window glass
- fixing the water pump system (for fresh water onboard)
- getting a hold of new sails
- screwing metal rails into place
- sanding and varnishing all the interior wooden panels
- having new wooden panels made, where they're rotten
- sanding and painting the bottom of the hull (against barnacles)
- plastering and polishing the body
- and for comfort: buying cushions, lamps, a stove, and sewing curtains.

This is how it looks like inside, when all the cushions and some of the panels were taken out:

It really is a big project, and Göran is going to help us with the difficult stuff, and with acquiring sails and anchors and other things. But more importantly, we've got the best ever motivation for having this particular boat done by summer: Marcus and I are actually taking over it once the repairs are done, and it takes little pushing for us to work on "our" boat. Never mind that it's an Ernie (of Ernie and Bert) shade of orange, and that it's name (which we unveiled under the tarp) is Juanita. If all goes well, we can earn a summer vacation cruising between islands near Arkösund with her, so I better learn how too swim in the meantime, and buy a life vest!


Blogger Peachy said...

Holy shit! That sounds like so much fun, going around in that boat once you have it all primped up.

Huwag ka nang mag-life vest. :D

9:10 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

If you win the lottery (or otherwise inherit a lot of money from a distant relative), make sure to visit me so we can take a tour together with lots of peanuts and beer :-D Heheheh. No life vest = suicide where I'm concerned.

Oh yeah, the less fun part is that the boat dosn't have a toilet, so we have to anchor and poop under a rock when that time of the day comes. :-P

9:24 AM

Blogger pj said...

dang, i've always wanted to learn how to sail, but it's too darn expensive here (where sailing seems to be just a rich-folks thing to do). na-excite tuloy ako para sa inyo. going sailing sounds much much better than going on a road trip. :P

9:25 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Yeah, it's funny that it can be the opposite thing here. Jobless people can have boats (and they do), which is why boats don't have to be registered; because you don't have to pay tax for owning one! Also, we get the boat almost for free (if you don't count in the effort and the comfort-details we need to buy), but that's not bad at all for students living in a 25-square meter apartment!

Yeah, I gotta re-learn the orienteering skills from P.E. and also read some on sailing, though Marcus knows them too. I think you can take a boat-owner course here somewhere. I better look into that. :-)

9:31 AM

Blogger Cheryl said...

naduduling na ata ako, i completely missed out on the part where you said you and marcus are gonna own juanita. how exciting!! naisip mo ba ever that you'd be a sailor? hahaha. oh wait, ahoy! joy!

nyek. hahahaha

on a side note, i have an uncle named juanito. his nickname is batoy. walang connect, haha! just felt like mentioning it ;)

12:03 PM

Blogger rowie said...

That sounds like a really cool thing to do!

8:50 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Cheryl: Yarr!

Rowie: Aye!

Heheh... gotta brush up on my pirate speak.

7:30 AM


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