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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Miscellaneous tales and pictures from Vrinnevi

Moose! ... or not. It's a metal painting representing a (very small) moose in Vrinnevi forest.

I blogged before about Vrinnevi forest in Norrköping. It's a park built around a largeish cultivated forest, located a convenient biking distance away from the city center. Many go there on weekends to do walk dogs, go mountainbiking, do orienteering, ride horses, walk or run. It has a mini-golf course, as well as a number of forest trails from 800 meters to 10 kilometers long, their paths zigzagging through the trees, fields and wetlands. You can read about previous entries about it here (spring 2008) or here (autumn 2006). Today, we biked to Vrinnevi and walked the ten-kilometer "green" trail each trail is marked by colored dots on trees to prevent people from getting lost or merging into a different trail.

The first kilometer of the green trail runs a bit parallel to the 800-meter trail, christened the "Experience trail". It's new from last year and it has interactive signs informing guests about the different animals and plants that can be found in Vrinnevi. If you're observant, you can see the "animals" hiding behind the trees!

Wild boar! Yummy.

If you walk off of the beaten trails, you may even see signs of real animals, like this patch of deer poop.

My first thought upon seeing deer dung for the first time years ago, was how closely it seems to resemble a rabbit's...

... Except that deer dung is much larger than the rabbit's.

(Uh huh!)

We had planned to picnic somewhere in the forest, so we found a height where we could lay our picnic mat (Later, we found the deer dung some meters behind us). Chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate taste so much better outdoors than it does in a kitchen!

Plus, you have this great sky view. Seeing how sunny it is these days, it's hard to imagine that there's a layer of Icelandic ash up there, 6-8 kilometers from the ground.

All around us, there were signs of spring, as well as reminders of the long winter that had just passed:

Snow, packed into ice, still layer some shadowy parts of the forest. On the sunnier spots, windflower (vitsippa) remind us that we're coming out of the dark times. They are among the first flowers to bloom in spring, and a field of them really creates a spring landscape. I thought that the purple flowers were liverwort (blåsippa), but it doesn't quite look like it. Anyone knows?

The past winter brought a humongous amount of snow, which left reminders of itself in bogs like these the melting snow had nowhere to go, sinking a green trail sign. It seems like the bog existed before the sign sank in though, judging from the plants.

(Did you know that 'humongous' was coined only in 1963? That's what you get to know when you spell-check by Googling. Not surprising though, with all the words we coin nowadays.)

And just because I have to end this entry somehow, here's a picture of another vicious animal...

Ahem. Just after watering the plants and being ambushed by a certain photographer.

Forgive me for offending your sensibilities. :-) Marcus should almost be punished for taking this picture, but the timing was just too great I have to post it to make fun of myself. Hah!


Blogger iamvix said...

funny kayo joy! the best yung last 2 pics! grabe, kakainggit yang forest so near the city. alam mo ba hindi pa ko nakapunta sa la mesa eco park? boo! hahaha. kailangan ko gawin yan!

4:55 AM

Blogger Leplume said...

Alex and I are shopping for bikes now. It will be good to get out and bike around. We have a lot of trails around here to explore too! I'm sure they're not as wooded and remote as these but still, great times will be had! :D

10:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So true! Food tastes much better when you're outside!

11:52 PM


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