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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The days are warm and the nights are clear

We tagged along with Göran and his girlfriend Saga-Britt in a sailing trip to the Swedish archipelago and then stopped at an island called Sötmaren near Söderköping. We experienced some of Sweden's warmest days and I even went for a dip – with my life vest, of course. Although the water was cold on the first day, it gradually became warmer as the days became hotter and in the end reached a comfortable temperature that I could have probably stayed there for hours. It was pure pleasure to lie on the flat rocks with your feet touching the water... until you feel the sting from sunburn.

I returned so tan on my arms and legs that you could mistake me for a crispy broiled chicken. I also have nasty itching mosquito bites as big as coins! Yikes! The mosquito swarm did its best to look for every centimeter of exposed skin, and I swear they took the chance when I was crouching to pee. Nasty buggers!

Maybe I should have renamed the post to "The days are too warm and the nights are not clear from mosquitoes"!

More pictures at my Multiply album!


Anonymous Lara said...

"...you could mistake me for a crispy broiled chicken."

thats better than a fiery red lobster!

2:36 PM


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