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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Vrinnevi forest

The weather institute SMHI forecasted a sunny week, so there is no excuse not to take ourselves out on a Sunday. Here are pictures from Vrinnevi forest, where we took an almost hour-and-a-half-long walk in 8-degree sunny weather this morning. The forest is about 10 minutes away by bike from our apartment.

A woodpecker - as opposed to the sharp Woody Woodpecker sounds, their pecking noises actually sound quite hollow, like something drumming in the trees.

Another bird picture (of what, only bird enthusiasts can tell). We also saw a hare spring by the forest track but it didn't pose for our camera, obviously.

Traces of animals less wild

Marcus posing by an uprooted tree – it was a quick photo as there was a stinking bog where the tree used to be planted.

Of course, no excursion to the forest is complete without a fika break. After trekking on roots, what you really need are apples and nuts ;-)

Here's hoping for more sunny days to come!


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