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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bread and biking

The apricot- and nut bread was a success! Half of it is now in the freezer and half of it is ready to eat for tonight's sandwiches. Perhaps if the ingredients were easier to find, I would have posted a recipe, but it calls for all sorts of weird healthy things like linseeds, coarse flour, and brown flour with grains which I don't even know the proper translations of. Anyway, the bread is so "healthy" it's almost something our vegetarian friend would bake. It tastes fruity and good though, but to make up for the "healthiness" (No, I'm not one of them Earth Mamas who live by grains and beans, yeech!), we also baked less fibrous fast carbs in the form of white buns, which we had for brunch with jam, butter, bacon, and eggs. Huh! That ought to make up for the advantages of the healthy bread, now!


On today's adventure: We should have read the weather forecast this morning before we planned for a bike trip along Vrinnevi forest. The long and short of it is: we never made it to the forest. First, it started drizzling as we were walking our way to the bike-tire pumping station. When we got there, the pump nozzle was vandalized and didn't work, so we had to use the old hand pump we had anyway with cold hands.

Then, after checking the tires (and pumping them again) in the nearest gas station, we decided to take a highway route. It was good for a while with just a constant light drizzle, but when we reached a clearing with some trees, we found out just how wet the ground was, probably becuase it was raining the whole night. What's worse, the drizzle became rain, and all that one could see of the bike trail there was a river of mud. Okay, time to head back because this didn't seem to be a good idea...

Back in the highway, the raindrops became fatter and fatter, almost like Filipino rains in June (but ice cold), and the wind (which adds to the sensation of cold) suddenly blew harder. Then, just when I shouted "We should have checked the weather forecaaast!", it started to hail! I even forgot the shitty cold wind for a while because the small ice balls (the size of styrofoam balls) kept on hitting me in the face, and making sounds on my helmet. (biking biking) "Ouch! Ow! Ow!" (biking biking) "Ow! Ouch!" Plus, this was in the middle of the highway with no shelter in sight!

Finally, we reached an underpass so we decided to rest there. Aaah, a respite from the hail... but not for long! The strong winds were just channelling throught the tunnel, making us suffer in our already soggy clothes. My fingers were numb; the only waterproof article of clothing I was wearing were my boots! We got out of there as soon as the hail was over, even if the rain was still like Filipino-rains-in-June-but-ice-cold.

After biking a few hundred meters from the tunnel, it really started to get uncomfortable. Uncomfortable is an understatement, really. The wind was so strong that the raindrops felt like tiny icicles when they hit my face ("Owowowowow!"). I could have sworn the raindrops were solid. It was also hard to open my eyes to see the road because the raindrops kept on pricking my eyeballs if I didn't squint. I probably kept a pretty ugly schrunched up face while biking, and to top it all off, it was an effort to keep on the bike at all with the wind against me. One or two times, I thought of stopping, but I didn't want to stand the shitty weather flat in the middle of nowhere either.

Upon reaching a residential area, we decided to walk our bikes for safety, sometimes even using other people's garden sheds as wind shelters. Other pedestrians were clutching on to their swaying umbrellas, but it looked like they themselves were swaying. An old woman was holding on to her umbrealla spokes so that they wouldn't turn over in the wind. What "jolly good" weather this is turning out to be!

The rain subsided after a short while, and I proposed to mount the bike again. (And again), just when I said the proposal, the Fates just had to remind us that our back luck wasn't over yet. (Why oh why?) We hadn't biked 50 meters when Marcus slowed down and PANG! The front tire of his bike blew right open! Lucky for him he was able to dismount on time. A couple of walkers who witnessed the tire popped passed us and smiled. Augh.

I never saw a tire burst open before. The sound is louder and sharper than I thought. For my part, it could have been our spirits that were suddenly deflated. We were still a few kilometers away from home, cold, literally soaking, and (suddenly) also hungry. Marcus, in an angry gesture, hit his popped front wheel to the ashpalt. "Ting!" the stupidly happy bike bell answered back. We sighed and trudged home.

But you know, after a hot shower, a nice bacon-egg-bun brunch and some Barako coffee with milk, we lightened up and decided that the morning wasn't so bad after all. At least we didn't go into the forest, where a tree could have fallen over our heads. Or we didn't slip and fall butt-down on mud or something. Worse things can happen, and now that we're home, that bike trip was a good adventure after all!

Guess what though. As soon as we entered the apartment, the weather became sunny again. Oh well.

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Blogger rowie said...

Mmmm, that bread looks really yummy.

5:12 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

It is! Or was... we already finished the last of it. I want to post the recipe for it but I couldn't find translations for what the flour kinds are and all that. Huhu!

10:02 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

... I surfed for what these flours are called in English and here's what I got. The bread mostly calls for coarse flour with wholemeal, and also some rye flour. The linseed thing is sometimes also called flax seeds. Perhaps if you see these in a baking shop and want to try them out, I can mail the recipe to you :-)

10:09 PM


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