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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Now, where was I?

Hello friends! In the month or so that I haven't written anything in my blog, I was taking my vacation... at home, here in the Philippines. Now, if you can manage to understand the Swedish in which it's written, the more detailed version of our trip is in Marcus' travelblog. Otherwise, you can just take a look at the picture captions there, which are all in English. More than a month's worth of stories is too much for me to cram here, and besides, there's no sense for me to only repeat what's already written by him there.

In a gist though, I haven't been around the Philippines before as much as I have been these past 2 months: In Metro Manila, a food trip to a small hole-in-the-wall moslem carenderya in the middle of Quiapo-DVD land and a crash course in Philippine history through an Intramuros tour with Carlos Celdran; in Quezon City, taking mental notes and reviews of pizza restaurants and going on frenzied mall-hopping. There were three weeks of hectic touring from Boracay in the middle of the Visayas, up to Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur, and finally back down again to Bohol near Mindanao. In the weekends: Bulacan, Antipolo, and Taal in Tagaytay. There's been close encounters with fish while snorkeling, tarsiers in trees, and even Ferdinand Marcos' preserved body--which, if I may add, we actually suspect to be a tackily-made wax figure. In the meantime, I've also been slowly getting used to water by swimming at every resort pool and opportunity we get. Hmmm... no wonder I haven't been surfing the internet lately.

Three beaches, two foot massages, and about six weeks later, I'm as dark as a Visayan islander and reduced to a money-scrimping homebody. Hahaha! (Huhu, the truth hurts!) Meanwhile, as wait for my long-overdue visa decision to come out, I think I'm going to try to read as much fiction as I can and stay away from spending money :-D


Anonymous Cheryl said...

hi joy!

so. i see the link to my lj.

thank you!

... sabi mo mag-thank you e, hahaha.

let's meet again! :D

4:28 PM


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