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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Biking away


Nadapa ako kahapon on the way to Åby, an area north of this town. I was trying to do a 180-degree turn with the bike, miscaluculated the turn (because I was concentrating on not falling into a nearby ditch), and fell. Oh well... biking life goes on. We got to our destination (to Eva, Marcus' friend) and back though--all in all, two hours pedaling away in the countryside (where I saw a mouse, and later, a hedgehog crossing the street)...

(BTW for Joy's Book of Records, I didn't even get down the bike from point A to B on the return tour... Happiness!)

Because this blog takes such a long time to load with all the pictures I've put on it, I put up a small photoblog site of my other biking pictures. You can click on the link below to see some pictures from our bike tour the other day, when we went around town on my "practice round" before going to Åby. Goodbye, training-wheel days!!!

(Oh yeah... Since I don't intend to check that photolog too much, please leave any comments on this blog instead of that one.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kawawa ka naman...Well, at least, pogi yung kasama mo. Hardiharhar!

Kaya ako napamura ng malutong sa entry ko ay dahil galit na galit talaga ako sa mga katulad ng Bradgelina na iyan.

11:56 AM

Anonymous sj said...

grabe na ito buzzmate! mukhang mapropromote ka na din to bikemate. hehe.

i am so proud of you! maiintindihan mo na rin finally how it feels to bike under rain, snow, wind, hail, sleet and sun! bwahahahha! pero promise! iba talaga hangin dito sa netherlands, kulang na lang pati panty ko tangayin sa lakas ng hangin!

miss you and super proud ako sayo. hopefully before i go home eh mabike ko mula utrecht to amsterdam. hehe.

kitakits sa QC circle.

12:38 AM

Blogger pj said...

ang galing joy! congratulations. hwek. ako hindi pa rin marunong mag bike haha. meron din pala akong kailangan ikuwento sa iyo. remind me, ok? :)

6:57 PM


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