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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Seeing stripes

Belated fashion alert... the 80's are back (and I hope, not for long!) As soon as the design industry decided that black-and-white (jailbird) stripes were "in" once more and that it was the look of the season... tahdah! (whatdoyouknow...) everybody's wearing them!

Our "zebra hunting" began with me wondering how many people in stripes I saw each day. The same 30 seconds the thought escaped my mouth, we already saw four! It was quite funny actually... I also noticed two people dressed *super-duper-exactly* like each other pretending not to notice this fact when they passed one foot from each other on the sidewalk. They didn't even turn their heads! Guess they both left their apartments that morning thinking they were original. Heh heh. Well, surprise surprise... it's not called "look of the season" for nothing, right?

We spotted 29 "zebras" today, here are some of them (for the more complete documentation of The Hunt for the Urban Zebra, visit Marcus' travelblog, which he set up for the travel to the Philippines.)

Next attraction: I'm thinking of publishing my photo-experiments (on a another photoblog, like my biking pictures) one day. That will have to wait for now though.


Anonymous sj said...

hey joy ahoy! hehe. i gave my comments and suggestions about this zebra hunting thiny on marcus' entry. check it out and get some ideas. hehe.

miss you. get the waffles from chip when he gets there. i think it will be on the 18th.

here i go for the thesis cramming again. wish me luck.

10:09 AM

Anonymous pj said...

hi joy! aeeeeee! im so excited for you to get back. :D

7:34 AM


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