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Monday, June 12, 2006

Joy's photo contest number 2

These two pictures were taken 21 hours apart. Which one is sunset and which one is sundown?

As you might have figured when I published the post "This is our street," (where Marcus looks at a 10:40 sunset), the sunset extends until very late up here at the top of the world, and the days will just keep on getting longer until June 21st (midsummer) where, even here in south-east Sweden, there will be just more than an hour's worth of darkness. I've begun to notice the increasing amount of daylight since the start of this year: in mid-November, the sun set at 3:30 PM or so (!!!) and didn't rise until way after 8 AM (that was sort of a drag). Then, in March the sun didn't set until past 6. Now the sun dosn't even turn sunset-orange until 9:30 PM, and the other day, there was sun on the horizon until 30 minutes past midnight... So which picture is which?

The first picture (on the left) is sunrise at 2:30 in the morning. The picture on the right (the second one), is sunset at 11:30 PM. And at 30 past midnight, it looks like this:

P.S. The latest theory I've heard (in fact I heard it just this lunch time), about why Sweden was inhabited in the first place was that the first settlers probably arrived in spring time, and went up, up, and into the middle of Sweden as it was getting warmer, sunnier and more pleasant. Too bad for them that they got stuck where they were (with nothing but just miles and miles of forest around) when winter struck. So, some first settlers must have died on their first winter here (which are generally cold, cold, cold) The ones who survived were probably hardened by the winter, and decided, "what the heck... let's stay." End of story... Don't ask me if it's true though :-)


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Ito na ang ikinamatay ng unggoy: Aksidente.


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