...because you thought Sweden was Switzerland!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


...It would just be too cheezy if I posted the honest-to-goodness turista pictures that I took yesterday in Stockholm. Besides, you can probably get that from any website about Sweden. Instead, I'm posting here the four things you and I didn't know about Stockholm:

1) You can buy your medieval costume in front of the Nobel Museum.

2) You can park your viking ship here.

3) It's full of weird signs.

4) There is viking-tackiness in abundance...

O diba?


Blogger pj said...

man, they're sure viking-obsessed over there :P hehe.

8:09 AM

Blogger carlo said...

Hahahahahahahahahahaha! :o)

6:39 PM

Blogger pj said...

oi! I saw Willard yesterday at the Senate. Kapi let me attend one of the hearings. Kinukumusta ka ni Willard. :)

8:39 AM

Anonymous sj said...

hey joy! i suddenly miss sweden. get me one of thos viking thingies and ill pay you back when we see each other in the phils. you're so lucky you're thorugh with thesis while im still agonizing over here.

i miss you. sorry to hear you've lost all chances for a golf career. how about biking? let's race around QC circle. hehe.

and by the way, arent we suppose to be promoting tourism of our beloved Phils??? hahahahahha! i think the frogs and floods and the bugs are all attractions for the squeaky europeeans we have here. one heck of an experience for them!

3:54 PM


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