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Saturday, June 17, 2006

not exactly the grinning Chesire cat

I thought Kricke the cat was cute until he made a face on me on the glass:

Anyway, I'm trying to be a little more creative in my picture-taking, since I realized that most of my pictures early this year involved smiling people around dining tables, tourist attractions, smiling people in sofas, more tourist attractions, smiling people in front of tourist attractions, and so on... you get what I mean.

The result is that I now pay more attention to the details of places and streets I walk in, looking for those photogenic backgrounds and subjects. I partly owe this to Carlo, who inspired me when he posted some really neat sepia pictures of Val and Peej when they were in Baguio; and to Marcus, who pointed out that I haven't picked up my camera all that much since the move to Utrecht, when I let him take most pictures instead. Well now I've been using the camera again, and having this blog gives me an extra reason to take photos of both ordinary things as well as potentially-artsy-photo things.

You can see some of the pictures in this site:

Again, just leave any comments in this site instead of that one.


Blogger carlo said...

Whose cat is that? I miss your cats in Quezon City, especially the affectionate one. :)

9:59 AM

Anonymous Cheryl said...

Joy! It's me, Cheryl :D ngayon ko lang nabasa yung June email mo plugging this blog (obviously, I rarely check that email now, hehe). Anyway andito ka na sa Manila, right? Just text me when you're free. Let's meet!!!

11:43 AM


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