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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Joy's photo contest number 1

For today's million-kronor question...

Q: What are these teenagers doing riding the back of a tractor?

(Choose the correct answer below)
[ ] 1. They are protesting against inhumane treatment of farm animals.
[ ] 2. They have just graduated from school and are celebrating like mad.
[ ] 3. They are winners for a contest to promote agriculture in Sweden.
[ ] 4. They are poor country folk with no other means of transportation.
[ ] 5. Trip trip lang (Crazy drunken Swedes!)

A: If you've answered 4 (that they are poor country folk), then you are definitely wrong. First of all these guys are wearing suits, and second of all they can at least afford to rent out a tractor to drive them to town. The first answer (protesting against inhumane treatment of animals) would probably work except that the Swedes are actually quite proud of their treatment of farm animals (to the point of almost-snobbery since they label their meats: "Swede meat" as if it were an eco-friendly label in itself). Winners of an agricultural promotion contest, maybe? Wrong! (That's just plain absurd, come to think of it...)

So, actually if you haven't figured it out yet, the correct answer (yes, I know, reality is more absurd than fiction...) is that these happy teenagers have actually just graduated from high school, and are celebrating it by being driven in farm equipment used to haul hay ... $ dingdingding!!! $... Number 2 is the correct answer! (Hmmm... I suppose that means answer number 5 works as well? Crazy drunken Swedes!) Apparently, this is the graduating tradition for students of Gymnasiet (which is an educational level somewhere between our high school and our university, and has no actual equivalent in Philippine school system) -- not the tractor thing, mind you, but almost everything else:

In the week before actually graduating (called the student week, which also intersects with Sweden's national day on June 6), the graduating students walk around town--eating, shopping, clubbing, picnicing-- while wearing their student caps (which are those white caps that look like sailor hats, and actually has its own entry in Wikipedia) Apparently, this cap tradition has its roots in the time when almost everybody wore hats but just a handful continued after grammar school -- it was a respectable (and I guess, exclusive) sort of hat; now its a mix between your Ateneo alumni shirt and the graduating mortarboard (i.e. on the one hand, pa-cool, and on the other hand, everybody in the whole country gets it after compulsary schooling in Gymnasiet).

I don't know how the tradition of parading in cars right after the graduation rites came along... At any case, after the graduation ceremony, it is apparently also tradition for the Gymnasiet students to be driven around the city in a fancy car (usually a convertible from which the students can wave, shout or sing out loud), or otherwise a pimped-up old (bulok) ride with leaves sticking out of it... I also saw 2 trackors, 3 big motorbikes, and 2 dump trucks (!!!) with howling students in them along our street...

Well, in case you're wondering, the student caps are only for Gymnasiet students, thus my bare head (which was almost too ironed-flat with gel) in my own graduation photo today:


Blogger Peachy said...

Di ba dapat "in case you're wondering?"


Kidding. :) Nang-aasar lang, hihihihi!!

3:36 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Darn... hahaha. :-) Well, I changed it. (Buti na lang din I changed the spelling of equipment--which I first spelled as EQUIPTMENT--as soon as I published the post) Kakahiya eh... huhuhu!

9:14 AM

Blogger camillo said...


11:30 AM

Blogger camillo said...

About the Korean resto gimik, bahala si Mel Telan doon. Tutal siya naman ang "obsessed" sa Korean. About doon sa entry ko tungkol sa unggoy, i'll give you the answer later...hehe!

2:19 AM

Blogger pj said...

Congratulamations! Woohoo! may master's degree ka na, sa wakas.
(and yes, the misspelling is intended)
Still on the queer graduation rituals, did they give you your real diploma when you graduated, or was it a pinoy-style, fakeroo diploma?

3:47 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Yeah, Peej... that's a fakeroo diploma. Actually transcript lang ang binigay samin, tapos incomplete pa (as in one subject lang ang nakaregister). So, Ateneo-style in other words. Bweheh (though at least hindi blank page yung nakarolyo!)... We did get a "souvenir"... letter opener na may emblem ng LiU. Winner, parang kriskringle!!! :-)

5:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS JOY! imagine, graduate na kayo kami eh magsusubmit pa lang thesis. nasa pilipinas ka na eh maggraduate pa lang kami sa 29!!!! waaaaa!!!

miss you!

6:28 PM


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