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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Wack-"Wacky" Golf Club

First, a list of new things I've learned and first things I've done this past year in Sweden (or the list I could think of at this time, anyway):

- how to ride a bicycle (top of my list)
- cross-country skiing (whee! hihi, feeling.)
- being in a sauna (it's like being trapped in our Beetle in the summer in the middle of traffic, actually)
- having a snowball fight (not to mention seeing snow for the first time)
- playing chess (sort of. Skill not guaranteed)
- playing Sudoku puzzles
- eating rhubarb (on the vegetable side), and wild boar (on the meat side)
- playing frisbee golf (it's actually a sport to throw frisbees in baskets!)
- and learning how to play golf...

...or should I say "golf-golfan," because all I actually learned was to hit the balls. That was just this weekend at the countryside where, as you can see, I had a rather large-ish crowd of cheering supporters:

I can assure you that despite my lack of talent, they were cheering big time ("Gooooooo!"). I apparently made them so happy they made even noises from both ends, heheh. :-D Anyway, because hitting balls got a little unexciting (and sometimes unsuccessful, on my part at least), we upgraded the game into baseball (with a plastic practice-golf ball and a golf club...)

...the traitors! My previously loyal fans all moved to Marcus' side!!! ...Stupid cows!

...Here is the picture of the sore golf-slash-baseball player at the end of what would have been a promising career:

"Harumph! I didn't like golf anyway!" :-)


Blogger pj said...

joy! champion yung golf-baseball hybrid nyo! :) that looked fun, elbeit absurd. hay. namiss kita bigla.

9:08 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I raed your comments sa blog ko. Marami akong sappy ballads na mp3 (illegal?!) tulad ng Broken Vow, If I Believe. About sa other comment mo, puwede yung irony kasi it stated opposites, pero puwede rin ang paradox because it's self-contradictory. Hindi lang lutang ang irony kasi the opposite is not a direct result of the other situation.

12:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

May mali pala sa explanation ko about irony (i just realized). What i meant with the last statement was in an irony, the result is incongruent with expected results. The subtle difference ng paradox at irony is the presence of a hidden truth. Irony doesn't necessarily have a hidden truth...O di ba, lecture ito?!

12:11 PM

Blogger ayeray said...

Hi Joy!, Hope u are having very good time there with your family and Markus!, hope we can meet again!, the best for u!Kram

11:16 AM


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