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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Joy's photo contest number 3

Sorry for this intermission, but I really couldn't help myself!

What could be the winning caption for this photo?

[ ] 1. "Hail, large mysterious floating object! Please accept our offering!"
[ ] 2. "Help us, whale god! We've been cursed to look like fish!"
[ ] 3. "Welcome, Ezperanza!"

I know this is really lame...

Oh BTW I think my sister Lea is in that picture somewhere, she's the Greenpeace dudette (right side background) whose face is framed by the children's arms. (Okay, okay... the winning answer is 3, Esperanza being the name of the Greenpeace ship. Still, the first two captions would have been more interestng. Hi Lei! :-D Heheh!)


Anonymous cheryl said...

oi joy nasan ka na? dito ka pa sa manila?? :) sorry my weekends are kinda fully booked, hehe, di tayo makakapag-movie marathon. we could meet for dinner again though (IF you're still here) :D

12:11 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

yes, I'm still here. Are you free this week? Just drop by any day, purty please? :-)

5:45 AM

Anonymous pj said...

joy! sorry ang delayed ng sagot ko sa yo :) the wesite of the really cool cupcake baker is www.cupcakeblog.com. :) enjoy!

6:36 AM


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