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Friday, December 12, 2008

Countdown to Christmas... and to a new apartment

In line with the Christmas season, Lara tagged me to list 5 things grateful for. There's no un-cheezy way out of it, but there are some things that have happened over the past weeks that I could really thank my lucky stars for.

Six months after my graduation and three PhD applications later (plus a number of "real job" applications I didn't get), I finally got into a PhD program. I was in an interview for this one as early as August, and while I didn't get the position then, the guys at the department said they would try to find some money to put me into the project as well. I started in the first of December, and now they found even more money to extend my two-year contract (half a PhD) to a full PhD of five years.

One of the bonuses of getting just this particular PhD is that the department is located in the Norrköping campus, which means I don't have to commute to the next city every day. My office (an uplift from the cubicle I had at Ateneo) is located in the newly built building in the campus. I like it there. It still smells new. And the halls of the ground floor are decorated with larger-than-life comic strips depicting failed love and memories of romantic encounters during university years. Oh, college life.

As it is, I have an 8-minute walk to school from our apartment, which brings me to the next big thing that has happened these past few weeks: our months-long apartment search ended yesterday when we signed a contract for a lovely, large apartment in a quiet area of town near the river. It will lenthen my office-walk to 15 minutes (not that this is a big deal), but the absolutely best thing is that we will finally have SPACE! Currently, we're keeping all sorts of groceries and clothes behind chairs, under the bed, and over shelves in our 24-square meter student apartment. And although I'll surely remember the years in this little place with fondness, it would nice to be able to have space to cook and bake without our bathroom towels smelling like food. Or to be able to sit down on the armchair without having to move all the dirty clothes to the bed first. You know what I mean.

Anyway, we're occupying the new apartment (the arrow above points to our kitchen window) starting New Year, but we'll probably start moving some furniture as early as next weekend. I'm excitied. I've been been surfing all day today for inspiration and I'll probably surf some more tonight just for the sake of it, despite not having the means to buy any home decor stuff yet. My first salary will come right on time before the money in my bank literally falls to zero. From where I am now, with 192 kronor to my name, this Christmas and New Year should really feel like winning the lottery!


Anonymous Lara said...

awww, joy, everything has fallen into place! yey!!!

im truly happy for you. wow, this is gonna be one happy and exciting christmas, indeed. yipee!!!

4:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

congratulations joy! sounds like a great christmas. :D

btw, can you suggest a cake? i want to make one for christmas, hehe.

12:11 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Thanks Lara and Cheryl!

This cake from the Pioneer Woman's site sounds delicious. I'm sure you can make it:

PW's Christmas rum cake

You need jello and instant yellow cake mix, which I'm sure you can find at Hi-Top or similar stores. I could recommend another cake which I made last year, but you need to look for instant almond-paste:

Marcus' birthday cake

The good thing about this second recipe is that it's no-bake but really delicious!

2:20 PM

Anonymous lara said...

for inspiration, try the house tours on apartmenttherapy: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/

and the designers portfolio and rate my space on hgtv:

good luck!

10:39 AM


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