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Saturday, November 22, 2008


Kind of strange, kind of cool, but very warm indeed.


Blogger aka Cheryl said...

what animal died for your warmth?!!?! HORRORS!

hahaha. lovely... hat(?) though. :D

3:50 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Actually we bought the hats at a second-hand store. There were no tags so we don't even know if they're real (though they feel like it) and from what animal it was. They cost 75 Swedish kronor each. I wouldn't have bought them new anyway – aside from the fact that they would be expensive, there might have been a bunch of animal activists waiting to stone us outside the store. Anyway, I comfort myself with the fact that the animal probably died decades ago, or it could also be possible that it wasn't an endangered specie...

But man, they're warm. They knew their stuff in the old days :-P

5:43 PM

Anonymous mogLi said...

With snow already piling up all over Sweden, that's a great buy for SEK75! Looks really warm and comfy. But watch out for animal activists. LOL! Looks like mink to me, btw.

9:35 AM


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