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Friday, October 31, 2008

Cold, cold nights

For the past week, the temperature here has really sunk. We have been waking up to cold countryside mornings, running double time to fetch firewood and admiring the frosty landscape.

Gives another meaning to "frosting flowers"

It snowed yesterday too – the first snowfall of the season. From where I write, I can see the white ground and patches of green grass. There's hardly any sign of the snowfall in the city though.

I had it in mind to blog about something else today – a food journal about what we ate for lunch – but since I'm running to see the new Bond film tonight at 6, that will have to wait until tomorrow (By the way, this is going to be my first movie since the last Bond film a year ago!). Just wanted to post this as a sign of life from me. My college friend Jeline is also here in the countryside with us now, enjoying the snow and being forced to chop wood for her own warmth. Hehe :-)

Warm greetings from a cold, white Swedish countryside!


Anonymous Lara said...

hej joy! our first now up here was on tuesday afternoon. we watched quantum last night on its premier here. it wasn't as exciting as the last one but we left satisfied, nonetheless. daniel craig is the definition of "ruggedly handsome" :-)

7:26 PM

OpenID mmmbeigne said...

Hi there! Found your site randomly - you have a really detailed and well written blog! I'm living in Linkoping for a few months visiting my boyfriend but I'm embarrassed to say my blog isn't as good as yours. I'll be checking your site for ideas on what to see while I'm here. Joyce

10:51 AM


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