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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Food journal number 47: Smörgåstårta

The beets episode of the food journal is interrupted by this weird Swedish culinary creation – possibly too weird that it could have been a Halloween entry next to Kiss och Bajs and Kalle's caviar in a tube.

What is it?

It's a giant 3-layer sandwich called a smörgåstårta – literally "sandwich cake"!

That's what we had for lunch yesterday to welcome Jeline back to Sweden and as a kind of early birthday celebration for my part. Smörgåstårta is one of those traditional food served for these special occasions. It's almost a staple in birthday buffets and potlucks. Most bakeries also have smörgåstårta for ordering for these occasions – just like any regular cake.

This particular smörgåstårta was special though. Since we have access to a bigger kitchen and a dishwasher here at Mats' and Margareta's countryside house, we decided to make our very own savory sandwich cake.

The night before Jeline's arrival, we set off to work making the "cake" bottom: A whole loaf of white bread was used. Marcus cut of the crusts and arranged them; I was in charge of the filling.

So first Marcus arranged a 3x3 layer of crustless white bread. The first layer of filling consisted of mayonnaise, crème fraîche, white asparagus, boiled eggs and tuna. The second layer of bread comes on, topped with a filling of shrimps, boiled eggs, mushrooom and more mayonnaise. Finally, there's a third layer of bread before wrapping the cake in foil and keeping it in the refrigerator for a night.

The next day, an hour before serving the smörgåstårta, we set to work with the topping and decoration. Yes, even a sandwich cake needs decoration like any other cake. Our cake was decorated with yummy crayfish tails, shrimp, cucumber, lettuce, roe, and dill – all bound together by an "icing" of even more crème fraîche and mayonnaise.

...I know, I know. Before you tell me that to much mayo is unhealthy, I should say that we finished a whole bottle of mayonnaise for this project. And two whole deciliters of crème fraîche. Talk about storing fat for the winter.

The finished product wasn't bad though :-)

I was even inspired by a picture of a smörgåstårta from another Swedish food blog and tried to recreate the cucumber-roe pockets. I couldn't make them as neat as the original I copied it from, but it was appreciated and there was a lot of picture-taking before lunch.

Who would have thought we would finish half the cake? It's filling though – we were full well until the evening. It must have been all that mayo!


Anonymous ria said...

looks like it was done by a pro!!

11:33 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Yes, coming from one of my cake-making idols, that is such a complement!!! :-D


2:35 PM

Blogger Christianne said...

Ang sipag talaga ninyo! I would have just bought one, hehe.

Hi to Jeline. I still have her Parker pen :)

11:13 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Ria: Yikes -- I had a wrong spelling there on complement. It's COMPLIMENT! Shudder, shudder!

Christianne: Haha! It's easy to make, actually. You don't have to worry about how the fillings look like as long as the topping looks acceptable ;-)

There are recipes that don't just use up a whole bottle of mayo if you're not into that kind of stuff. I think the others substitute gräddfil or similar...

Okay, will say hi! I think we're seeing each other on Sat. She hadn't replied to my facebook message yet, I guess she doesn't have internet in her dorm yet.

6:12 PM

Anonymous kari said...

ummm. wow! delicious.

12:27 PM


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