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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Oh, deer!

Early last Sunday morning, Marcus called us to the window – another deer spotted, this time closer to the house!

At times like these, I really appreciate the camera's zoom function. Careful not to scare the deer away, I crept nearer the window to get a better angle. I also realized, looking at the pictures, that this was a different individual than the deer we spotted last week. This one has two horns.

When I was a kid, one of the dream occupations I wanted to have was a job as an Animal Planet narrator (besides being a forensic scientist, a vet or an Egyptologist! Haha!). I imagined going to Africa and all those far-away places, taking videos of wild animals with a tele-zoom and commenting on what they did. It's funny that way – wild animals capture your interest even if they just do what in their world are the most mundane of things.

Here our friend the deer found an apple that fell from the branch of an apple tree...

... And eats it. The fruit fell several times from his mouth, so he had to retrieve it and eat from it about three times. Must be hard to eat an apple without hands and an opposable thumb.

At this point, I crept to the kitchen to get another angle of the deer. After taking several pictures of him, he must have noticed that he was attracting too much attention and sprang off.

I took some close-ups of him with all four feet off the air too, but they're a bit blurry so I didn't think it was worth to include them, even if they are quite interesting photos. Even folks at National Geographic have to sacrifice some nice pictures too from time to time, even though one of them actually find their way to the last page, in Final Edit. ;-)

Thought I'd include this last picture of the deer: He stopped by the fence for a good few seconds and looked back to that unfinished apple beneath the apple tree before springing his way into the forest once again. I was still holding my breath long after he'd disappeared. Amazing.

We're at our last week of cat-sitting here at Marcus' godparents' place. They'll be back from their exciting China trip on Tuesday. They're in the last leg of their trip now, touring Beijing. For all I know, it should look very different from here. I also begin "real life" again then and have to go to school for a whole-day seminar. Then it's back to city life with commitments here and there.

But oh my. Sometimes I wonder how it would be just living this country life, cooking food and chopping wood, spending whole days with Marcus in this slow and peaceful pace and getting surprised by the occasional deer eating apples in the backyard.


Blogger Christianne said...

Ooh exciting! A few years ago Edward used to see deer outside his office window here in Huddinge but I guess the area's become too developed in recent years, wala na daw deer ngayon.

Advanced birthday greetings pala :)

11:13 AM

Anonymous Esther Garvi said...

Joy, how come you guys are in the country?

Lovely picture of the deer! Don't know if it credits should be given to your camera or your obvious patience! :-)

Swedish greetings from West Africa,

5:03 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Christianne: Well, this part of Linköping is very much countryside! (Um, actually, any place outside the city center kinda looks like countryside too...)

Thanks! My birthday's on Saturday. But I think I'll buy a cake then instead of making one. Haha, natamad!

Esther: We're cat-sitting for Marcus' godparents who are in China now doing a tour. They've lived here since the 70's. Each time they're on a long vacation, we get to have a "mini-vacation" out at the countryside here. I think it's really a good retreat to come out here!

My animal pictures are nothing next to your up-close-and-personal Ishtar's Ark ones! :-) On the other hand, it's also great to "catch" wild undomesticated animals doing what it is they do.

Hälsningar! /Joy

6:06 PM


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