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Friday, November 14, 2008

I love my blog...

...and apparently, Esther of Ishtar News does too! She nominated me to the I Love Your Blog Award, a prize that bloggers give to fellow bloggers. It only takes one vote to win – the nomination, actually – but since I love prizes, I'm taking it! :-D

Actually, I often wish that I wrote this blog for a living. But that's beside the point.

To accept the award, I'll have to (1) put the logo on my blog post, (2) nominate other blogs to the award (3) let them know I've nominated them by commenting on their blogs and (4) link this post to the person who gave me the award.

I've also always wanted to share what blogs I regularly read, so this is a great opportunity to nominate them! Actually, these bloggers don't know me (except one), so let's see if they reply to my nomination. ;-) At any case, please click on the links to support their blogs.

1. Copenhagen city chic – If you've always associated bikes with childhood toys or Lance Armstrong-types, this site is for you. This "bike advocacy in heels" has turned two years old! I go there almost everyday to look at the beautiful and inspiring pictures of the happy, leisurely – not to mention fashionable – bikers of Copenhagen. I think Linköping has taken inspiration. I hear talk of red-painted bike lanes reminiscent of Copenhagen's blue. Anyway, the pictures on this blog are poetry in (still) motion.

2. A cat in the kitchen – Do I just drool when I see the food pictures in this blog! Dagmar, the the cat-loving lady writing this amazing food blog, should be hosting a TV show or something, if she already isn't. Oh, if you only knew how many recipes I tried to recreate from this blog! The smörgåstårta was the latest, and I can tell you it's really delish (and did I mention really filling?).

3. Chipper Cupcakes – After college, my friend PJ and I had a talk about a dream of hers to have a cupcake business. Now, even when juggling studies and work on the side, she's a successful cupcake baker who's even made it to Philippine TV. Congratulations Peej, and by the way – I do love your blog :-)

To accept your awards (which I don't know if you guys would, but what the heck), just do those four steps above!


Anonymous Lara said...

i love your blog, too, joy! :)

7:07 PM

Anonymous pj mariano said...

hi joy! super thanks again. i'll work on this on a less busy day. hee! but thanks so much!

4:33 AM


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