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Monday, October 29, 2007

Sick or sweet?

(A must-read – or rather, must-watch – P.S. at the end of this post added 1 November 2007)

Halloween. The time to write about strange stuff. Last year's entry was on Kalle's caviar and cannibalism, but believe me, this entry just beats it.

I first read about Emma Megitt on the city's entertainment paper, there she was holding two stuffed toys that was the product of her masters degree in design. The characters, a little yellow onion-shaped dude and his brown Bibendum-like friend, seemed cute – until you realize that they're actually supposed to be pee and poo.

Swedish design, anyone?

The Pee-and-Poo duo (Kiss och Bajs in Swedish) could be Japanese out of strangeness. However, I think they make even Baikinman (Bacteria / Germ man, picture below) of the Japanese Anpanman cartoons seem strangely antiseptic. After all, Baikinman becomes weak when in contact with soap. I guess Pee and Poo are allergic to flushing? They don't say.

On the one hand, the characters may be a bit too kawaii for comfort. Who befriends poop and thinks it's cute? On the other hand, it's true that piss and poop are absolutely natural things that, as a subject of adults' toilet jokes, we think are thigh-slapping funny. So is cuddling Pee and Poo at night any different from cuddling with an over-sized Bacteria toy? I guess not, as long as kids remember to put the real things away from their mouths and develop healthy (i.e. not obsessive- or compulsive) behaviors towards them.
The germ speaks.

Pee and Poo's creator said in the entertainment paper that she was not intending to sell the toys at first, until people actually demanded a sale. Now Pee and Poo are being, errr, slung around the globe in the form of letter sets and baby clothes among other things, which, according to their site (it's in English too), are popular with adults and kids alike.


P.S. Speaking of the strange Japanese, we found this video clip posted on one of the forums Marcus is watching. The precursor to Pee and Poo? A must-watch! As one in the forum writes, "everything – I mean everything – has a face in Japan."

And if you think that was weird, here's an off-topic video that's just completely insane it will make you pee in your pants from laughing (It's about Japanese English learning). Heh heh heh.


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Happy Birthday!

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yappy birthday!!!

since i have no other pictures of you that i havent posted yet, pls refer to my previous birthday greeting na lang: http://nabikichan.livejournal.com/44690.html

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Happy Birthday, Joy! :o)

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Camillo, Cheryl and Carlo:

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Happy birthday Joy! :)

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