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Monday, October 27, 2008

Deer chase

We're cat-sitting at the country side again this week. One of the wonderful things out here is realizing how close to nature you are while still being inside the home and enjoying the fruits of civilization. Nature is literally outside your window.

Sometime after breakfast, this doe came walking into the field at the back of the house. It made me want to break out into Sound of Music-song: "Doe, a deer a female deer...!"

My mental song was cut by the appearance of a male deer behind her, who came out from the forest.

There was a moment of tension – he watched from a distance; she sensed him, looked over her shoulder, and tried to come away.

It's mating season – nearly the end of it – and this is the chase.

She ran behind the shed and he hastened to catch up with her.

That's the male deer. He only has one horn. He's either growing his new horns or had just dropped his old ones.

Midway through the chase, he decides to stop and smell the grass. Don't ask me why. Sometimes, courtship rituals make little sense.

The doe decided to take a run for it again (it was hard to take a picture of her because she was too fast). The male was a little more careful – he kept his distance and didn't try to pursue her too hard.

Here he is trotting his way to her (that's the shadow of the shed on him). And then he dashed for it, maybe in fear that she would run out of her sight.

It's just another day in the country.


Anonymous Esther said...

Lol, everyone without a garden in Sweden loves the deers (like me) - but those with gardens aren't so happy about having their favourite flowers eaten on a regular basis :-)

10:23 AM


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