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Thursday, October 02, 2008

last weekend's trip to Mela

Two years ago, Marcus and I had an exciting whole-day bike tour around the forests of Kolmården, in a mountain north of the city. We were going to find wind shelters for a future autumn excursion, and though we didn't find any then, there were many good memories from that trip, including a restful picnic on a lake pier at Mela after hours of biking. I love Milo chocolate drink, but it never tasted as good as when we drank it there (we had visited the Philippines the summer before and bought some). It was like drinking the fresh air and the beautiful scenery around me in a hot cup of chocolate – It'll make sense to you if you're dog tired and find a soothing moment in such a beautiful place.

I didn't bring the camera at that time, so all the images are just in my head. But last Sunday, after a long day of fireman training the day before, I went there again with Marcus, this time with our friend Petri, and by car. It was as beautiful as I remembered, but in a different way, of course.

Mela – about 85 meters above sea level

We actually got lost looking for Mela and found ourselves on another lake at first (a good car trip in itself). Thankfully, there was an old couple hiking in the forest that appeared from nowhere and we asked them for directions. It's always funny finding people "in the middle of nowhere," I think. Once, on another bike trip, I decided to take a pee beside a bush in the middle of nowhere, and a car came precisely when I was crouching with my pants down. People seem to appear our of nowhere when you least expect it. At least this time, it was good to see people to ask directions from.

Back to the trip, it was nice finally finding the Mela area after a morning of driving and be rewarded by sights like these:

It's easy to imagine why outdoor life is so important to Swedes. It felt so satisfying just to be there and I could easily imagine me and Marcus doing these trips more often in the future, by car, bike or foot! And before autumn turns too cold, we might as well find one of those wind shelters real soon and camp with friends.

A few more pictures uploaded at my Multiply!
Have a nice upcoming weekend!


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