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Monday, October 30, 2006

Food journal number 6: Kalle's Kaviar

Yes, I love writing about food, especially food that are "new" to me such as (tah-dah!) Kalle's Caviar.

Look how happy he is! He could almost be the Alaska boy's twin brother.(This reminds me of a question my brother once asked me: "Cans with pictures of sardines have sardines in them, and cans with pictures of tomatoes have tomatoes in them. What do cans that have pictures of smiling boys have in them?" I think I cried because he was trying to make me believe I was a cannibal for drinking Alaska condensed milk...)

Anyway, back to Kalle's Caviar... While in most places, caviar has the reputation of being a delicacy, i.e. posh and expensive, here in Scandinavia you can buy this substantially cheaper caviar-mix that comes in tubes, and you can use this for regular household food such as dry bread (the picture of which I have on my blog title), on hard boiled eggs, or as salty seasoning on cooked food (where it works like fish sauce; in fact it tastes a bit like fish sauce but it has the consistency of thick toothpaste and the color of salmon). I like to have my caviar on hard bread, but a lot of people, especially from the west coast of Sweden I hear, have it on their hard boiled eggs instead of salt. Kalle's brand is "the original" brand and therefore the most popular, but there are also house brands distributed by groceries. Like SM Bonus products, these are even cheaper but may cointain less fish roe than Kalle's, which has 54% roe... I didn't care to see what the other 46% of it is, though... Hmmm, which reminds me of my brother's question. Boooooooo! Happy Halloween!!!


Blogger carlo said...

Natawa ako sa cannibal bit, hahahahaha!

Aliw na aliw ako sa blog na ito!

6:39 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

salamat, salamat! Buti naman napapangiti ko kayo, hihi! :-) BTW the cannibal bit was from the same brother (i.e. my only brother) who thought you were a girl, i.e. who thought you were Val! I just love to remember that, hehe.

4:11 PM

Anonymous KG said...

People always notice differences in food culture when they travel. When I was in Budapest, the thing that I can not get over the most is how much these people love their Sausages which they eat with a chunk of bread, mustard and pickled veggies.. now... I purposely seek them out in New York. yummy... Anyways,I love your food blogs. Keep them coming:)

11:10 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

nice to hear from you Kristine! Hmmm Hungarian sausages... Mmmmmmmm! (ala Homer Simpson). Don't worry, I've got more food journals in mind so stay tuned! Maybe pizza and kebab are next :-)

11:35 AM


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