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Saturday, October 11, 2008

How could you resist?

Had this frog pastry for fika last week because I couldn't resist it's blogging potential. It actually tastes a bit like (and resembles) a regular princess cake, but this "frog prince cake", as I like to call it, has green pistachio cream inside and a bottom of thin chocolate. The frog shape is a common design for mini-princess cakes and is available in many other old style bakeries and cafes. This one costs 22 at Linds café in Linköping. It goes to show that I will take my camera to places just to take pictures of the food – I completely forgot to take pictures of my friends. Heheh.

Just to gloat: I made my first speech bubble in Photoshop, without consulting any how-to pages in the internet. Yahoo! :-)


Blogger Leplume said...

Haha! While he looks tastey he also looks like he's thinking "Oh no! I'm about to be eaten!!"

4:55 AM


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