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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A different kind of street art?

Lampposts, bridge rails, gate grills – little things that make our modern city life convenient. They make our everyday living effortless, safe and comfortable, and they do this function so well that the entities themselves disappear into the background of the city, allowing us to live our lives without needing to notice them. Omnipresent yet unmarked, they remain so until – oddly enough – the sudden absence of their functionality draws our attention back to the object itself. Think about it: we hardly ever notice lampposts we pass everyday until the lights go off.

I wonder if this was in the mind of the street artist / artists responsible for the lamppost "leg warmers" I've been seeing around town lately. Whoever had been knitting and attaching them has a lot of wit, time, and not to mention balls of colorful yarn to spare!

Suddenly, the lamppost, bridge rail and gate grill you never knew were there start to get second glances from you, not because of lack of function but because of their unexpected form. I admit the leg warmers are pretty in themselves too, but the fact that they exist in an unexpected backdrop makes you lay consciousness on that backdrop all the more. After all, it is out of the ordinary that a lamppost should have a striped knit leg warmer around it!

I've been trying to look for new locations where the artist / artists might have put up new knits, so I couldn't help smiling when I saw the "mother of all leg warmers" down at Svallertorget today:

By the way, knits are in this season!


Anonymous Lara said...

wasnt there an ad on tv about people displaying their knitting projects on posts? i thought it was just an ad, but apparently, it does exist! kewl :P

3:52 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Was there? We don't have TV! Maybe that explains the leg warmers...

6:46 PM

Blogger Christianne said...

Uy ang kulit! Swerte naman ng mga poste na yan, di sila lalamigin :)

9:09 PM

Blogger SITS Girls said...

Leg Warmers...hahahahahahaha!

5:20 AM


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