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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Let the monsters in

Let me share what makes me smile when I open the door to the new apartment – aside from the fact of going in the new apartment, of course.

In giving Christmas gifts in Sweden, it's a tradition to make up a rhyme or riddle so that the receiver can guess what it is you're giving. We wrote one up when I got my sister Liz a Star Wars cookbook in 2007. She adopted the tradition when she mailed us a mysterious gift over mail:

It's something for your brand new place
Gargoyles which need no more space
Than a pocket, a hand, or otherwise
Owing to their tiny size
Miniscule but never cruel
Though frightful they may seem to be
They'll guard your home most happily
We hope this prezzie brings you smiles,
From Liz and Rob, across the miles

I didn't get a thing at first; I thought it might be some kind of ornamental thing you hang on the door. When we opened the present, it made perfect sense. The rhyme was written on a key-shaped stationery after all!

They're called "Freakeys". They fit on almost any shape of key so you can easily identify one key from another. They come in a pack of 6 little monsters, and their arms jiggle when you shake them.

The purple monster holds Marcus' key. It looks kind of like a purple ape. A purple ape on hair-growth tonic that had just found a bunch of bananas.

Here's what I have on my office key:

He doesn't look too happy that he's about to be in use again starting Wednesday. I'm not ecstatic over that either, but it does make me proud to earn a decent living doing something I think I may be good at. Back to Mr. Office Key, stress is visible in his eyes, anxiety is painted all over this face and his arms are perpetually frozen to I'm-typing-an-essay-mode. It's the look of having drunk too much coffee. Come to think of it, he might have been a good choice of Freakey to remind me of all my deadlines.

And then, after a full day at work, I will get to use my home key, which looks like this:

"Hooray, hooray! I'm home after a day of work! Yeeeeee!" Maybe that's why I got attracted to this one; I imagine that we relate to each other really well.

In the meantime, you can see that Mr. Office Key is resting on his face, the whole back of his head wrinkled from too much thinking about dissertation plans and 15-page essays... which is what I should start thinking about myself. I realize that the Swedish word for the day – which is all over this post by now – is söndagsångest. It means Sunday dread in the face of a working day. But it will pass, and Mr. Home Key will be there jubilating with me.

Thank you Liz and Rob – the monsters are waving their jiggly arms at you!


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11:06 PM

Blogger M said...

hahahah. love the freaky key chains! happy new year!

3:56 AM


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