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Monday, December 29, 2008

God fortsättning!

Wasn't able to blog anytime the last week because we have been moving to the new apartment. Since the old tenant had already moved away, we have been occupying the apartment and moving our furniture since Monday. After days of work – Christmas day was no exception – our new place is really taking shape. And our backs hurt.

Here's how my Christmas week looked like:

Monday - moving stuff from attic to attic, moving books, clothes and small stuff in boxes
Tuesday - hiring a moving van and moving all the big furniture with the help of friends; mounting bookshelves. Going to Marcus' dad to set up a (plastic) Christmas tree. Good to know that there are plastic Christmas trees in these parts too. Plastic trees are the smell of Christmas – if, like me, you grew up where Christmas trees don't grow.

Wednesday - Christmas eve. Unpacking stuff into the bookshelves; arranging furniture; going to Marcus' dad at 3PM to watch Donald Duck and friends (in Swedish, Kalle Anka och hans vänner), the show that officially starts Christmas in Sweden. The show's host is Jiminy Cricket, and he introduces clips from different Disney movies starring Mickey, Goofy, Cinderella, Snow White, the Jungle book characters, and Ferdinand the Bull.

Yes, Swedes celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve on the afternoon, and Santa (actually Jultomten, the Christmas gnome) appears sometime after dinner, so the children can go to bed early. Kalle Anka och hans vänner önskar God Jul, which is what the Disney show is called in Sweden, is also a misnomer. Donald Duck actually only figures in two of the segments; the show is really called From All of Us to All of You, from 1958, but it has been showing in Sweden every Christmas since then under the nickname "Kalle Anka", who is probably was (and still is) the most popular Disney character in the country. Most years, "Kalle Anka" is Sweden's most-watched television show of the year, despite the fact that they show the same Christmas film yearly.

Here's the second segment where Donald – or Kalle as he's called here – goes for a bird-watching expedition in the jungle (despite being a bird himself!) and runs across a Woody woodpecker-like, attention-starved bird that threatens to kill himself if Donald doesn't take a photo of him.

Of course, there was Christmas dinner after the show!

But there's no rest for the weary yet! To continue:

Thursday - Christmas. Not a very important day in Sweden compared to Christmas eve. For us, this meant: more work. Fetched an old microwave and an old TV from Marcus' dad's storage; installed ceiling lamps. Cleaned the new place.
Friday - Annandag jul (second day of Christmas). The post-Christmas sale begins; went back to the old apartment to clean it; shopped for small items for our new home.
Saturday - continued cleaning the old place to make it look as good as new; more shopping.

Here we are cleaning the old place for the next happy student.

The rules go that you clean everything when you move out of an apartment. That includes everything from walls and ceilings, to door jambs, radiators, exhaust, and drains. You even have to cover all the holes you've made on the walls. When we left the old place yesterday before lunch, after working there for two days, it was spic and span. I may love this new place, but I'm still going to miss that old student room.

Sunday - Went to IKEA to buy some complementary furniture. With the mellandags rea (sale between Christmas and New Year), we could afford to buy most of the interior decoration stuff. And yet some of the stuff we wanted were already taken by other stressed post-Christmas shoppers. Nevertheless, there are only a handful of items in our list to go, yipee! Today, Monday, it's shopping-stop until further notice.

But before I go, a word about this post's title: When Christmas is over, Swedes greet each other with "God fortsättning!". Literally, it means "good continuation" – it's a wish for a good continued holiday season and a positive exclamation that there is indeed a lot of good things to look forward to even after the big day. Surely is the case for me, despite the aching back. God fortsättning! I think it's resting week this week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

God fortsättning to you and Marcus! I really like this greeting, so many things to anticipate next year :)

Nakakatuwa yung "Kalle Anka och hans vänner". Did you notice it's the 50th year of showing?

Congrats again on the new apartment. Your excitement is contagious. Take pictures!

7:08 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Thanks Cheryl! Oh yeah, it is 50 years! We didn't notice because it's my first time to watch the show and they show the same thing year after year anyway – nothing new on its 50th year, that is!

I know, I already took pictures! That's for my next post. We still keep on coming up with new things to improve it with. Haha!


2:05 PM


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