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Thursday, January 01, 2009

The crib

Our new year countdown was spent on the balcony of our new apartment, beholding the city below and the fireworks which you see in the above picture.

The apartment is shaping up. We're actually done with most of the interior decorating. A week ago, the living room looked like this:

The look is pretty much unchanged until now, except that out in the hallway, there isn't a ladder anymore. It pretty much resembles my Photoshopped dream below. (Can any of you spot the cats in the two pictures, by the way?)

The kitchen also looks so much different from before. We opened up a shelf to make the counters look less monotonous, got a modern-looking lamp, a nice oak table and four old-fashioned chairs that look good but don't match. Two of the chairs (the ones nearest the wall) are bright red. I like them that way.

On the boring wall there at the back of the dining table, we have this poster that my brother gave Marcus in 2006, when we visited the Philippines. Something that reminds me of home, but still distinctly Swedish. Or is it more distinctly Filipino? After all, the vodka bottle-shape at the hood of the jeepney is pretty hard to distinguish!

The plan is to save up some money to get to Manila by the end of this year, for Christmas 2009 (the traffic is probably going to be terrible!). It's the first day of the year – I have more than enough time to scrimp!


Anonymous Lara said...

your place looks good, joy and marcus. bra jobbat! and the stuffed cats are on the shelves :) happy new year!

7:29 PM

OpenID mmmbeigne said...

Hi! The new place looks great! We're back in Linkoping for 2-3 days finally, but off again for more travels (Stockholm & skiing). A bit tiring! Great of you to keep up on the blog - I have so much catching up to do on my blog! The garlic soup looks great, I have to try that before the winter is up! Have a great new year! Joyce

11:24 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Hej Lara and Joyce!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Lara: Hehe! :-) Yep!

Joyce: Wow, direct from Copenhagen to skiing...in the north of Sweden? Where will it be?

12:01 AM

Blogger yogon said...

Happy New Year Joy!

Nice crib!

10:39 AM


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