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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My life as a Sim

I'm just too excited about the move to think about anything else. Planning for things to buy have been made easy by some pictures we took of the flat (with the current tenant's furniture and stuff there). We could imagine, to some degree, where our current furniture will stand, and what little details to change to make the place look friendlier. Or look personal, maybe. When I sent the pictures to my family and some friends, I received a comment from Jeline that the place looked shut in; she couldn't wait to see how it would look like with our own personal touch.

Here's a picture to give you an idea of how the living room looks like with the currrent tenant's all-too-ornate furniture.

The current feel of the other side of the living room is more cluttered and closed-in. Because the current tenant uses the bedroom as an office, he keeps his bed behind a thick red curtain below the angled ceiling. Reinforcing the heavy look of the room, he has a giant curve-shaped sofa and a dining room set that looks like it could have come from a Dracula movie:

Because it might be hard for you guys to imagine what this room will look like next year, and because I'm an impatient brat with too much time in her hands, I decided to do a little "moving" of my own before we actually physically move our furniture.

Let's look at that living room one more time:

Moving our shelves, our sofas and armchairs, plants, lights and pictures, I imagine it would look something like this:

Okay, my imagination is wild. We don't actually have a rug like that. Ugh, rugs are expensive. And the big plant in the corner? It's still in my IKEA wishlist. And I got excited with the throw pillows, too. We don't have throw pillows.

See Jeline in the armchair? That came from this entry. Well, in my imagination, she would come back from her vacation to L.A. and visit us in a room that looks, uh, somewhat like this. Only more bare. Maybe a lot more bare, at least to begin with.

Now to the horrid corner. Look, the current tenant even has his TV on a plastic container!

Forget you ever saw that picture. Actually, that corner of the room looks like this:

... in my dreams, of course. The only "real" things in this picture are the curtains on the window, the plant on the bar stool (couldn't find a bar stool that resembled the one we have), the armchairs, the printer and the lamp. With some investment, the other furniture (mostly IKEA) will come. And yeah, a TV. I've been without TV for three and a half years.

Hmmm, I don't see a Playstation there, but let's pretend it's there too. And pretend the TV is bigger. And that I'm taking this picture of Jeline and Marcus on a fine February 2009 day, when hopefully some furniture will come. Now I'm off to the nice big kitchen to get myself a Nutella sandwich. Anyone care for tea?


Blogger Petri said...

Great photoshop job!

Marcus took me for a walk in the area on Sunday. I think the place will suit you well :)

8:48 PM

Blogger aka Cheryl said...

hahaha, coolness! hanep nga ang iyong photoshop skillzzzz. now if you only buying real furniture was as easy as the sims no? sounds exciting!

2:53 AM

Anonymous Esther Garvi said...

I LOVE your thoughts on your new apartment! Don't worry if the pay check comes later; having thought all things through will pay off later! I think I must invite myself in for a Swedish fika if I pass through Norrköping next summer!

Greetings from West Africa,

10:09 AM

Blogger Lainey said...

Joy, I'm very excited for you and Marcus! Happy din for the good news re your PhD. By the way, if you want anything in particular from PH, let me know. :)

2:02 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Hi everyone!

I just noticed that in that first picture where Jeline is sitting in the armchair in the middle of the room, I didn't copy in the armchair's legs. A floating armchair!


How was the Norwegian julbord? :-D What did you eat? I haven't thought of stuff from the Philippines yet. There were some things I wanted from back at home. Would it be a hassle if you met up with my parents during your vacation?

4:21 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

To Esther: Just say when! :-)

9:22 PM


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