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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Food journal number 17: Waffles

(P.S. Added on March 27)

March 25 is Waffle Day

The International Waffle Day, according to this article, actually began in Sweden, apparently from something being lost in translation.

Actually, there were two things lost in translation, both of which turned the waffle day to what it is now. (1) The religious event Annunciation Day is in Swedish Vårfrudagen (Our Lady's Day) but it actually literally means "spring-wife day", probably of pagan origin but converted to Christianity. (2) Vårfrudagen was pronounced by some as Våfferdagen, and soon (in secular Sweden) even Våffeldagen, which changed the meaning entirely from Our Lady's Day to... Waffle Day.

Nowadays, I don't think the Annunciation Day is really noted, but the waffle eating is certainly observed. The picture above is what we are at Göran's birthday. His birthday falls on the Waffle Day, and he says he's been eating waffles on that day as far as he can remember. Waffles (as above) are usually eaten with a dallop of cream and some jam, or with ice cream. In our case, our jam was made of rare Swedish berries called hjortron (translated as cloudberries) that grow here only in northern Sweden (in extreme terrain, too). This jam is cloudy and dark yellow, not very sweet and tastes a bit like flowers, and it has lots of small, hard, but edible seeds. Probably not what one expects of ordinary jam.

Oh yes, on another thing that happens today: it is the last Sunday of March and we are now officially on summer time, i.e. we just turned the clock one hour ahead and the time difference between Sweden and the Philippines is thus shortened accordingly (the Philippines is now 6 hours ahead instead of 7). FYI.

P.S. on the topic of food. I'm supposed to be writing a paper for school, but I thought that before I would begin writing, I would update my long-neglected photo blog first (Priorities, priorities!). I've now collected quite a number of pictures of food and decided I'd start there. It's also to inspire me to look for better angles to take food pictures from, I hope. Anyway, my next update plan is to post some cityscape pictures from here, in view of Kristine's visit in May. Hooray! So stand by!


Anonymous KG said...

Yay! city scapes hopefully with pictures of me when I get there!!! Man, I wish I was there now because work is crazy oh well 2 more months to go!

9:38 PM

Blogger rowie said...

Ooh, I missed international waffle day! It would've been a good excuse to bring out the old waffle maker. Not that I need an excuse. :)

5:11 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

hi Rowie! How about "belated international waffle day"? :-)

Hey KG, heheh... malapit naaaaaaaa!!!! :-D

5:53 PM

Anonymous ria said...

in 2004, when my sister came for a visit, my foster dad took her in the middle of nowhere to pick hjörton. my sister told me it was the worst thing she had ever done. kasi naman, sobrang laki ng mga lamok ang pumapak sa kanya, tipong mosquitos on steriods in terms of size. and they can give a real nasty bite kahit you have 2 layers of shirt on.

4:28 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

yeah, mosquitoes around here are really big. I don't like mosquitoes in the first place and it dosn't help if they're the size of flies. :-P Hjörton-picking must be a bit fun though. Or?

3:14 PM


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