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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

All about exercise

Karin convinced me that it would be fun and exciting to go to this gym class called "Kombipass," which combines a 50-minute bodypump class (i.e. weight training) with 40 minutes of intensive spinning. Now I know why I have been putting it off since yesterday! Oh, my poor aching muscles! I blame the fact that I haven't been to the "regular" gym in about a month now because I've been obsessed with spinning classes lately, and also that I sprang straight to this kombipass after a day's work writing my paper (read: sitting on my butt for about 8 hours!) I can't wait until tomorrow when the real aching begins (Not!). Incidentally, I'm also booked for 75-minute spinning class tomorrow. Sounds, err, exciting :-)

The kombipass was really so much fun but so much pain while you're at it too. I couldn't clear the last lifts with my "mere" 5 kilos but I still felt my arms shaking during the first minutes of spinning. Spinning was also so much harder when you've already worked out your legs some 30 minutes before.

Now that it's over and done with, I can't say I'd mind going to that class again, but perhaps I'll have to concentrate more on technique in the next sessions. Also, I have a few reservations about this bodypump class.

(1) We lift weights to music. I didn't know that until Karin said it could get a little tricky to do the lifts especially when the music was fast (Me: "there's music?"). Anyway, what she said was true because sometimes the music seemed a bit too fast for me to even concentrate on technique. I would guess there are bigger chances of injuring one's self in these body pump classes than if you actually take your time (especially as a beginner).

(2) For warm-ups, the instructor makes us to these aerobic moves, and I feel really silly doing those fancy-dancy moves, not to mention that I just suck with coordination. Somehow, I always end up going left when everybody else is prancing to the right, and I raise the wrong arm with the wrong foot and all that. Besides, how can the instructor do all these silly aerobic things (e.g. hands behind the head, walking in a square while twisting your body left and right, or flexing your arms in front of you while walking sideways) with a grin? It was a bit too strange. So on second thought I don't know if I like this class so much just on these 2 points. Karin almost guarantees that I'll get over the speed-and-coordination problems though. Hmmm.... (Thinking, thinking...)

Speaking of exercise, I met one of the kendo people in the bus yesterday too, and he was wondering why I haven't been going to kendo training lately. I told him that I haven't paid the club fees for this term (which is true), but honestly, I don't know where I would fit kendo now that I'm already exercising (in fact 3 times a week) in a nearer, more convenient place. I wonder if my past self would call my present-self a sell-out. My shinai and my gi are still on standby in the cabinet, but I don't feel a compulsion to don them any time soon. The expensive new hakama and gi set Liz gave me last year is still unworn (it's a pity to wear such a new thing when I could wear my old one, I thought. heheh. Hi Liz!), and I'm too cheap to even buy a month card just so I could travel to Linköping and do kendo at odd hours (some ending at 10PM or so). Haven't Lea and I been doing more "kendo-committed" stuff than that for Manila Kendo Club before, like skipping parties just so we can practice, and carrying our bogu bags all the way into the MRT? ... Sigh.


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