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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cold days call for hot drinks

I'm supposed to be in the intensive spinning class right now (a 75-minute session of pedalling to different tempos, similar to interval training) but instead, I'm home suffering from dysmenorrhea. I feel lazy, my legs feel like they're hanging from a tree, and (no thanks to the grey cold weather outside) I feel so cold that I could even use a hat indoors...

...All I can say is, thank god for hot chocolate!

(This is not another Food Journal entry masking as a story, BTW. I'm reserving the Food Journal for Sunday, which happens to be Waffle Day, and incidentally also Göran's birthday.)

The story is that the thoughtful Marcus (who just arrived home from his job at the gradeschool) volunteered to make that hot chocolate for me, since I don't feel so well right now. It looked so barista-like that I just had to take a picture, and little did I know that he also spiced the drink up with some ground chili (ala-Chocolat the movie! You really know your chocolate goodies, Marcus :-) ) The taste actually does justice to how well the cup looks! The first sip is thick and chocolatey, followed by a warm lingering sensation in the mouth, ending with a hint of chili taste. Delicious! I almost feel better already!

Incidentally, in today's Dagens Nyheter was a recipe for hot chocolate with chili (click on the link for the recipe in Swedish, but you can probably guess what the ingredients stand for; it's just standard chocolate milk with sugar or honey, with some chilies to add kick). Interestingly though, I found out that Marcus hadn't even read that part of the newspaper yet. He just had the idea of adding the ground chili because of the "chili phase" we're in now, after having bought a bag of dried Thai chilies from the Asian bus. Practically, we've been adding chilies to everything we eat now. Okay, almost everything. Breakfast cereal remain chili-free, as well as oatmeal porridge. Otherwise, "chilies are our friends", and are good for everything. They're also good against cancers, diabetes, parasites, and even arthritis! Hah!


Blogger Cyberpunk said...

that hot choco looks yummy :D

7:22 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

and it was!

10:21 AM


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