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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

So, so Swedish...

...to spend your free afternoon repairing a boat. That's the proud 'ole me on a photoshoot before we called it a day, the boat vacuumed and sanded. Been having the chinita look all week from the allergy of sorts (presumably caused by pollen)!

Incidentally, the boat is not ours nor does it belong to anyone I know, nor was I supposed to have been repairing it. The boat is Marcus' project, and it belongs to one of his dad's friends. But more of that story as I go along...

Now it's 8:22 in the evening and there's still light outside. I've just finished writing my school paper, and overall it's been such a productive day.

I started after breakfast by sawing some wood.

The bar with which we hang our clothes keeps on falling down from its own weight, and we decided to put an end to that by creating a support column drilled to the wall. The construction was going to be my project. After an hour, I had the 2-meter-long wood block sawed off in the end in a V-shape (to fit the clothes dowel), had drilled the block, and drilled corresponding holes in the wall. (BTW I have dad and Lea to thank for my wood-working "knowledge" (heheh!). Everything went smooth, and I even made neat little indentions on the wood using a bigger drill bit so the screw heads wouldn't stick out from the block.) In the meantime, a pair of overalls was also being washed and tumble-dried in the laundry room.

Marcus calls. He has forgotten to pack his socks, which he needed to wear in his shoes while repairing the boat of course. He wants to drive by and come back for it. Would I like to go out to the water and read in the sun as he does the repairs? Sure! He'll arrive in 15 minutes. In those 15 minutes, I change clothes, pack a meryenda, make a couple of calls, grab the camera, and even have time to bring the just-dried overalls with me in a plastic bag. We drive to Bråviken's Sailing Club, where the boat is parked.

This boat I'm talking about is actually a spring-racket for Marcus, for his dad's sake. Göran, who's now retired and spends his time repairing boats has had this boat sitting in Bråviken's Sailing Club's garage for a whole year now, as he had other boats in line. Now the owner wants it ready (read: fully overhauled) by May, no more than a couple of weeks from now. Marcus has the time and Göran can teach him what to do and pay him for it... And they're pretty interesting stuff too, if you ask me: sawing off the boat interior, melting and moulding fiberglass and plastic to make a new boat interior and floor, sawing the fiberglass, sanding and painting the hull...

I thanked myself that I had washed those overalls - Marcus' extra pair - after all. I couldn't stand missing the action so I ended up not reading in the sun (it was Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion) but sanding away all afternoon until 5PM instead. Believe me, even a small-sized boat can feel big when you have to sand every visible surface, but hard work is actually fun when you're singing silly songs and laughing to toilet jokes while you're at it. :-D

To end with a trivia: to sand - which is slipa in Swedish - incidentally also means "to sharpen" (e.g. a knife) in the language. It made some sense to me since the same basic thing is involved in sanding as in sharpening (i.e. smoothing a surface). It's like how hyvla was always used in the scraping actions in shaving wood, shaving the face, and scraping cheese... Well, there's a case for the argument that Swedish is the "world's most intuitive language". According to Swedes, anyway.


Blogger Christianne said...

I'm living vicariously through your blog, I probably have no chance of having these experiences in the next few years :D

11:38 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Wow, that must be one of the best blog complements I've had :-) Anyway, don't worry, there are a lot of good experiences out there waiting to be blogged about. I'm just lukcy to be mostly in the company of students, who have a lot of time to do "useless" but fun things. Heheh. :-)

9:16 AM

Blogger Cheryl said...

sounds nakakapagod but fun! hahaha. gusto ko magkaron din ng ganyang experiences. sadly, imbis na ako ang bayaran, i think ako pa ang magbabayad wehehe. the most fun thing i've done last week was go to mall of asia and take pictures "undercover". nyek.

4:21 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

I went to your blog... what IS that undercover spy thing? Looking at competition shops or your own? At kelangan pa talaga may mukha mo dun eh no? Heheheh! ;-)

9:05 AM

Anonymous pj said...

joy! kumusta? di na kita naaabutan on YM. Sorry i haven't been blogging lately; just posted a new entry.
hihi, chinita. :)

5:39 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

PJ! Yeah, I don't see you either on YM that often. Once I saw you but I was in a hurry then, heheh... sowee! Basta, one day ... :-) In the meantime I'll go to your blog noooow! zoomzoom!

6:43 PM

Blogger Cheryl said...

i took pictures in mall of asia (competitor!). e bawal kumuha ng pictures of the stores BLATANTLY so kunyari may vanity effect, pa-cute self-portraits ako para hindi ako lapitan ng guards ;) di ko pa na-adjust ng maayos yung angle ng camera so ayun, nakuha ang mukha ko. hahaha. fun sya!

2:20 PM


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