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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Product review # 2

The climates in Sweden have everything from -20 degree winters to +30 degree summers*, which is a bummer from a clothing point of view. (*last year's summer record was 34.2 C in Småland, but it a 21-degree average in the rest of the country. The coldest last winter was -52.6 up in the north, and -21 in Stockholm.) I used to tell my dormmates how, back home, I could wear the same type of clothing all year long, which was a bit strange to them. I, on the other hand, am still not used to having to "rotate" clothes semi-annualy (or more). Half of my clothes (some skirts, sleeveless tops, and thin jackets) have been hybernating in the dark since November, locked up in a big bag up in the attic. I'll have to wake them up and give them a shake soon. My late autumn-winter clothes will then have to take their place up there, where they won't see the light of day in the next 8 months.

It reminded me that since I returned Jeline's coat last summer, I don't have a proper spring coat! Time for seasonal shopping, and another product review opportunity! Last season's (i.e. fall-winter) good buy was a pair of children-sized Gore-tex boots, which had served me well in bike tours around forests, rainy days in the city, and lately, a storm that left all but my feet soaking wet. This time, and in line with the season, here's my (chic) spring coat from H&M:

Dosn't it look so sweeeet? :-)

The price wasn't too bad either. I used some of the Christmas money I got to buy it, and I got a 2-kronor change for a 500 bill. That's not so bad for a decent nice-looking coat actually (if you think that it's cheaper than the winter boots by 100), and so far I'm not complaining about the quality (some threads are loose, but can be fixed with a pair of scissors. Anyway, it looks like it's in one piece). H&M though, is not particularly known for quality otherwise. They're like the IKEA of clothes: trendy and fashionable, but inexpensive and (quoting a critique of IKEA on its Wiki article), "semi disposable". Besides that, I do think they have quite a good reputation, making snob fashion afforable to many and even inviting personalities like Karl Lagerfeld and Maddona to design seasonal collections at low-end prices.

Anyway, just now the weather is just right for wearing this coat, when it's hot under the sun but pretty chilly as soon as you reach the nearest shade. I'm sure my big sister Liz would approve of the style, and yes, it has an inner breast pocket for the new cute wallet Lei gave me for Christmas. :-) So, in summary, I'm not complaining about my coat; I think it looks great for its price, and will probably last as long as I take care of it.

The only down-side of such a nice-looking light-colored coat is that I need to move a bit more carefully in it, being my sometimes-clumsy self. The up-side of that is I'm actually trying not to walk like a thug anymore.


Anonymous lizzy said...

Coat style approved!

I think it would look nice with jeans and the high-heel boots I got you (if you can manage to walk comfortably in them!)

11:22 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Heheh, I knew that you would like it too :-D

Problem is, I don't have jeans that look goood with those boots because I have either straight-cut or slightly boot-cut jeans. On a school day, I wear it with jeans and my brown shoes from Margareta, or Lea's Chucks. They also look good with the slacks I bought in SM and the nice dressy shoes I bought here on sale, a combination I wore when shopping, movie-going or seeing friends :-) Kikay, kikay!

10:48 AM


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