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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Happy birthday mom! :-)

Pictures of yesterday's excursion to Norrköping's old green marble mine (which I told my folks already about this morning on Skype) uploaded here, with some details about the pictures.

On this picture for example, are some blåsippor (blåsippa, sing.) which have an even more obscure name in English: hepatica. They're quite special because they're the first wild flowers to bloom in spring, so it's somewhat a pleasant surprise to see them around (Margareta was crazy taking dozens of pictures blåsippor patches :-)). They only grow in limestone-rich soil and I have mostly seen them in countryside areas -- and it's not allowed to pick the roots with the flowers so they can grow again in the next season. Flowers for you, mommywommy! Mwah!


Anonymous lizzy said...

In German, those flowers are called "Leberblümchen" (small liver flower). I think it's a translation from the Latin name, "Hepatica". What connection the flower has to livers is a mystery to me...

9:00 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

hi Liz! After some days of fruitless wondering, I Google-searched "liverwort etymology" (since I read in Wiki that hepaticas were sometimes called liverwort or liverleaf), and one site said that the name is derived from its use in treating liver diseases! Why, yes of course! :-O

5:57 PM


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