...because you thought Sweden was Switzerland!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Because you thought Sweden was... Holland?

Sigh. I'm getting tired of writing about food (Okay, not really...) but from now on I will make it a resolution to write more often about the other interesting aspects of life that dosn't involve chewing, munching and digestion-- There are surely many of these other things, and (ahem, to quote Ms. P, our beloved theology teacher) "one cannot live on bread alone" after all, even if it is semla. Besides, it's lent, and good folks like you (yes, you!) should be fasting... The thoughtful little creature that I am, I won't tempt you with descriptions of the good things we're eating >:-D Hehehe... I did bake a cheesecake yesterday though, topped with mangoes and cream, for Marcus' birthday (Grattis!) I won't write about that for your sake; I will write about the tulips we got from his dad instead.

I seldom admit it but I think I do like flowers (awww...) At least, I like them when they're arranged well, or and when they haven't wilted yet in the heat, or when the colors are beautiful, as in this tulip bunch we got -- they were the color of newly cooked and steaming shrimps, or perhaps a round and juicy peach half... hmmmm! The down side of flowers are: that one has to buy them in the first place to appreciate them in your home, and (worse) when they finally dry up to semi-ugliness and you have a dilemma on whether or not to throw them away just then. Most likely (if you're like me with some Ilocano tendencies), you will probably end up keeping them in the vase in their dry sorry state for a couple of extra days, just because they're there. But anyway, these Sweden-grown tulips are, according to their ads, supposed to bloom longer. Yeah? Well, they better! :-)

In fact I think that Swedish-tulip marketing here (which has just about started now, as it nears spring) is quite agressive... even Valentine's Day hadn't produced this much advertising for people to buy flowers! There are posters for it on bus stops and phone booths, adverts from groceries and plant stores, etc. I suppose it's just the thing to buy if you're a tradition- and country- loving person, just like the tradition of buying Swedish flags, which (I thought strange when I first got here) are waving in the yards of about 4 out of 10 houses or so. I don't think I'm such a Martha Stewart kind of person to start buying flowers for the home myself, but (like I said), I do like flowers and it's not bad to recieve them from time to time after all... and no, please not on that Hallmark commercial called Valentine's day!

Other new things this week which has nothing to do with flowers:

1. We have a toaster oven now, also from Marcus' dad. Whoopee!! Since this can only mean food preparation stories, I will jump directly to number 2:

2. I've finally gotten around to buying myself a 6-month spinning card, and I honestly think spinning is fun, fun, fun! (and hard, but that is honestly part of the fun, in a way.) I suppose spinning can't offer the competition feeling that kendo gives; there are also no changes of scenery (or the satisfying feeling of overtaking people) as in running. But what the heck. It's sufficiently challenging, quite hard exercise, and above all a real endorphine rush, and that's good enough for me. I've actually been recommending it to classmates (Oh, I'm the walking spinning-class testimonial!) because I think it has improved my posture some, that I've lost a bit of weight (wishful thinking? haha) and --I don't know if it has to do with spinning at all-- my skin has become less dry! I imagine that it's from all the sweat.


Blogger Cheryl said...

funny title! good thing i'm not taking offense, hahaha. anyway, congrats joy, on the biking and writing two consecutive entries NOT about food ;)

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