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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Food journal number 9: Venison

How morbid is it to eat reindeer at Christmastime! So, this is not part of my Christmas food feature, but just another foodie blog entry :-) I couldn't find the Gary Larson cartoon where a sinister-looking Rudolph, after revealing his sob story about the other reindeer not letting him play games, offers a shocked reindeer another serving of venison. I found this similar strip, though:

If this Rudolph were a reindeer-herding Saami (a.k.a. Lapp--a name which apparently isn't used now because it was used derogatorily when they were persecuted by early Swedes expanding northwards), he would probably have sold off his other reindeer friends there to food packers, where they vaccum-seal and box them like so:

At the back of the venison box (where there are recipes), the euphemism is just as sterilized as the contents: "Swedish reindeer meets world" (I can tell you that the Asian wok recipe with wok vegetables, bellpeppers, sweet chili sauce, soy and chili paste tastes nice though :-) ) As a fast sidenote, all this reminds me of a children's book at the hospital entitled "The pig who wanted to become ham", where a pig literally walks into a butcher shop begging to be chopped and make families happy on Christmas day. In the end, he was given as a Christmas present to a family, and the pig-spirit was smiling on them from the sky. Wow. (BTW I am NOT making this up!)

Hmmm... I'm becoming aware how un-politically correct this entry is sounding... I'll stop here.

P.S. (December 20 2006) Inspired by Rowie, who has a blog on food recipes, I will post the two venison recipes here (thin strips of beef will do just as well in these, I think):

Thai wok with Renskav

480g renskav
1T japanese soy sauce
1t chili powder (I used Sambal Oelek chili sauce)
500g wok vegetables (we had snow peas, bamboo shoots, carrots, broccoli)
2 bellpeppers, cut in strips
1/2t salt
1/2 deciliters sweet chili sauce
1T japanese soy sauce

Blend the meat with the soysauce and chili powder in a bowl. Cook the meat (and later the vegetables) in a big pan. Add the mixed ingedients for the sauce. Serve with egg noodles or rice.

Asian renskav wok

400g egg noodles
150g snowpeas

ca. 1T grated ginger
1 chili, cut in strips
1 knob of garlic
2T soysauce
1T oil
1T honey

Cook the noodles as directed and set aside. Mix the sauce ingredients together. Fry the renskav in high heat with little oil until the meat has color and the moisture evaporates. Then add the noodles, snowpeas, and the sauce to the pan and cook for another 2 minutes, mixing the ingredients constantly.


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