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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Just came come from a session of spinning, i.e. one of those group-torture activities they have out in the gym where members (like yours truly) pay to pedal like crazy for an hour, to the tune of Swedish pop music and--due to the upcoming Christmas season--"Feed the World". I entered a session called "Bas spinning" which is supposed to be the most basic class... and what can I say? Thank you, Friskis and Svettis Gym for making me realize how weak my legs really are! I'll be sure to work on them on my future sessions with you!

The spinning leader Thomas was constantly motivating (read: pushing) us throughout the session. I'm sure that without his orders, my legs would have just given up on their own. (Joy's legs in chorus: "Man!") My mind also flew back to my first torturous months learning kendo, and the "Fun Run" (read: ordeal) in 1st year college--my final exams for running class actually--where I barfed my burger out after winning second prize (Bwahahaha! Whoops, excuse me!) Anyway, it was extra funny that Thomas had two bags of candy beside his bike as a reward to us students after class. I tell you, the sight of those candies worked like a carrot on a stick for me.

But hey, I really take my hat off to the 50-or-so-year-old man in front of me in tonight's class. Not only was he spinning like a maniac; when his seatmate wasn't looking, he would turn up the resistance on his bike too! Talk about group motivation... I make a mental note not to be his seatmate the next time, though, since I'm pretty sure I want to join another session in the future.

Yes. Strangely, I feel good after being shit tired (there's no other way to describe it, sorry). Martin from Manila Kendo Club had a theory that we kendoka were all masochists. Maybe he's right after all!


Anonymous nerdy lizzy said...

Hi, Joy. It's biochemicals called endorphins: the feel-good neurohormones released in your body after a good, hard workout or after stress or pain. Chocolates have 'em, that's why they're normally considered as comfort food :-)

1:48 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Hmmm maybe that's why I've been gorging on chocolates lately, and craving for tiring workouts. It's the season for Seasonal Affective Disorder!

2:34 PM


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