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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Food journal number 8: Kåldolmar

We Filipinos have lumpia (spring rolls), the Swedes have kåldolmar: a ground meat-and-rice mix wrapped in cabbage leaves. I took a picture of it from a cookbook called Annas svenska kök, since the it looked much more appetizing fresh than the one you get pre-cooked out of a box in the grocery (second picture below):

I can say though, that it tastes much fresher than it looks in the second picture! For Swedish food, it also has an almost Asiatic taste: dolmars originally were from Turkey after all, and they were brought to Sweden by a Swedish king and his soldiers on their return trip from there. Like pizza (which by the way I have yet to write on), kåldolmar has been naturalized and turned 100% svensk.

Some differences from the Filipino lumpia: instead of garlic-peanut-and-oystersy lumpia sauce, kåldolmars are eaten with brown sauce (the kind you use in meatballs). Most Swedes also eat them with potatoes rather than rice. They are oven-baked, not deep fried, but like a lumpiang sariwa, is wrapped in vegetable (in this case, savoy cabbage and not lettuce).


Anonymous cheryl said...

hey joy, speaking of food, i tried making the potato with meat and egg you told me. naku, palpak. siguro kasi i used tocino as the meat? hahahaha.

so chef joy, my question is: should i use something a little more moist (like corned beef) so it'd stick to the potato and give it more flavor?

5:10 PM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

Hi ho Cheryl! (I sent a copy of this to your blog) About the pytt i panna: No I think that maybe you can use any type of meat. Maybe it jsut didn't taste nice because tocino is sweet? The meat cubes and the potato cubes don't have to stick together, just cook them like you would french fries and burger pieces! BTW you have to cook the fried egg separately: a sunny side-up. It's only when you eat it that you mash it all up (that is, poke the egg yolk on your potatoes and meat). Does this make sense?

6:51 PM


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