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Monday, December 04, 2006

Food journal number 10: Christmas ham

(Part 2 on Christmas food)

Finally, the stores have stocked up on Christmas ham (Julskinka, which in the Joy pronunciation guide is read “Yule-whinka”)!

As soon as we read about it in the grocery’s weekly digest (which they send over mail), we just had to run and buy it :-D Aside from being good Christmas food (the Swedish Christmas staple actually), I would also recommend it to dormers since Christmas ham is cheap for its weight, easy to prepare, and lasts for a long time. The down side: it’s only available at Christmastime.

Like in the nursery-school drawings, you can buy it in groceries in nets :-) This here is the pre-cooked Christmas ham, which I was preparing a glazing for. There are several recipes for glazing over the internet, including “new” ones which are “Asian-flavored” (with ginger), but we opted for one of the traditional glazing (more of a crust, rather), which is mustard based: a tablespoon each of plain mustard, French mustard and sugar, mixed with an egg and half a deciliter of breadcrumbs, all slathered on top of the ham. Traditionally, the ham is also served with Christmas bread (Vört Bröd), a dense brown bread flavored with beer byproducts, spice and raisins (picture on the foreground of the fist picture).

It’s really heavy, filling food! To think that in a 400+ kronor Julbord (a Christmas buffet, advertisements of which proliferate in the newspapers these days), this ham sandwich would be but one of the choices. Then again, you never get your money’s worth on any buffet anyway, so it is better to prepare these traditional food at home.


Anonymous cheryl said...

graaaabe... been internet-AWOL for a long time (for me at least, hehe) so I just scanned your recent entries. Panay foodum! hahahaha. will make a proper comment once i finish reading ;)

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