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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Product review #1

This season's good buy: Viking Play Kid's Line Gore-tex boots

In view of our weekly biking adventures--especially last week's which included a forest hike (see blog entry last Thursday)--we've decided to buy me a pair of waterproof boots good for rainy autumn weather and deep winter snow. Gore-tex boots can actually cost a lot of money (1000 kronor (x7 pesos) at least) especially from stores specializing in outdoor equipment. Children's boots though--though notorious for being "ugly" (or at least not as serious-looking as outdoorsy branded boots)--are known to be really effective at keeping feet dry (for the children who like to play in the snow for hours), besides being much cheaper than the "adult" boots.

Thankfully, my feet are small enough so I can buy a pair from the children's line--or at least the only model in the Viking Play Range which had shoelaces instead of velcro. :-) We could also buy this at a regular sports store instead of going to a specialty shop. The boots are, according to the product tag, "guaranteed to keep your feet dry" even in "rough Nordic climates" :-)

Since the sides and tongue of the boot are connected as one piece, the boots are waterproof up to the top, which is useful for deep snow or falling into puddles. The inside of the boot is also warmed by a lining of some soft material (therefore it's recommended to buy one size bigger, in my case a 39), and it is breathable so your your foot sweat can dry and won't stink up (hoho).

Tried it on today's bike tour of 40 kilometers, where we also walked some inside the forest and on steep uphills. For comfort, I can say that they were really much more comfortable than wearing Chuck Taylors when walking fast (my ankles didn't hurt), and that I never had to worry about the shoes getting soiled or wet. My feet as well as my socks, as Viking guaranteed, also stayed dry and warm even in today's cold rains. I discovered that when you're feet aren't shriveling like raisins, you can really concentrate on a lot of other stuff like the scenery and actually going to the direction you want without watching out for potholes and puddles and moss. There are a lot of good small things like warm shoes can do! And it's good buy too, for just half the price of a pair of "adult" outdoorsy boots.


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