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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Food journal number 11: Rice porridge

(part 3 on Christmas food)

Another Christmas goodie: Christmas porridge (risgrynsgröt)! We have been having it for breakfast food foor a week now, since it's very traditional Christmas food--the kind grandmothers make. Of course, like all other things, it's available "instant", in transparent tubes which you only have to break open before you can eat the contents. We wanted to do it the hard way though (since it is also the dirt-cheaper way): it requires first cooking some "porridge rice" (a short grain variety) to a soft mush, pouring in a liter of milk and a cinnamon stick, then stirring the big pot of milky porridge in low flame almost constantly for about 45 minutes.

(Suprisingly, the milk, though the "fat" kind, has no effect on me--even though fat milk is supposedly one of the worst for lactose intolerants next to sour milk. Perhaps the lactose breaks down in the cooking. Oh goodie! :-) )

Although both the rice grains and the instant porridge are available all year round, the one flavored with cinnamon is highly associated with Christmas--probably coming from the time when rice was "exotic", expensive, and therefore available only at that special time of the year (i.e. the same time when people slaughtered their pig to make Christmas ham).

In this county, the rice porridge is usually topped with some light syrup (see picture, yum yum!). Other traditional ways of serving it are with ground cinnamon, or with white sugar on top. BTW rice porridge is so cheap (when you make it yourself that is; a pot usually lasts us 3 mornings), that we are actually considering it as a replacement for our usual oatmeal breakfasts. One really good thing about it is that it really does make you full longer, unlike other breakfast items that only claim they do (it keeps me full until way past lunch time, actually). Perhaps the rice expands in the stomach too, heheh. :-)


Anonymous cheryl said...

Is the rice you used the same as malagkit rice? or is it different? This sounds really good :) I usually eat oatmeal for breakfast -- the flavored ones. Hehehehe.

Oi, and you know Nigella Lawson? We were watching her show yesterday, and guess what! She prepared pytt i panna; there was no meat with the potato though, only lots of spices, but the egg was runny too and she'd dip the potato on it. She also added powdered cayenne pepper :) try mo yun. It adds a certain kick, hehe

3:12 AM

Blogger Ahoy! said...

no, it was just ordinary rice (not malagkit), but a kind of fat, short variety -- it looks like sushi rice, and I heard you can use it for that purpose too). The instructions for cooking the porridge was to put twice the amount of water as the rice, make it boil while stirring, then simmer for 10 minutes (until almost done). It's after that that you add the cinnamon stick and milk, and you let it reduce like regular lugaw :-)

Cool about the pytt i panna. Heheh... We should try that. Do you remember what other spices she put? :-)

10:31 AM


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